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  1. Sounds great! Thanks for such a fast reply. I've been using your Valheim container for months and it's been amazing. Ty for all your hard work!
  2. Hi @ich777! There was a Valheim update today. I was wondering what the right approach would be to get that update in your gameserver docker?
  3. Of course the moment I post this, I find an answer. As I understand it, you cannot achieve this via the Dolphin UI. One must go to System Settings -> Network -> Settings -> Window Shares, and then enter your desired user/ps under "Default Username, Default Password". Seems to work, though only applicable for a single user.
  4. I have a new desktop computer connected on my network. It's running Manjaro Linux (v21, KDE Plasma), and uses Dolphin as its default File Manager. On OSX, it's pretty easy to connect to my Unraid shares. I can use the "connect as" feature in Finder to log in with my username/password and get write access to shares. I am struggling to find the equivalent in Linux. I can see my shares in the File Manager (Dolphin), but am unable to connect as a user to said shares. As such, my unraid access is read-only. It seems that by default I connect to Samba as a guest, but how do I connect with my username/ps? I've done some basic forum searching, but haven't found a topic like this. If anyone out there is running a KDE-ish Linux distro, I'd love some input!
  5. My appdata directory (user share) is configured to use my cache drive. But they're moved to disk during my nightly mover job. This is a pretty common configuration, as I understand it.
  6. Getting back to you. I think I see the same bug: 1. I updated my Docker container and created a new path for /serverdata/serverfiles, to ensure a "fresh" install. 2. However, after my mover job runs at 03:40, it seems to stop the backups from being generated. Here's a pic of my /Backups/ directory today. The /Backups/ directory is not on my cache drive at all. So these 9 files are the only backups I have for my image. This matches what I saw in my previous image, and they seems to strangely line up with my mover job.
  7. Thanks! Updated and will get back to you on how backups work over the coming day(s). I just logged in though, and my save wiped on update (i.e. my world is gone). Is this a known issue?
  8. I have a question about backups for my Valheim image. Currently I'm using the defaults (interval = 62, backups to keep = 24). For context, my container has been up for approx 3 days. I would expect 24 tar.gz files to be in my /Backups/ directory, however I only see 9. Additionally, the modified dates on the containers range from 2-20 (19:19) to 2-21 (03:35). I have my mover scheduled for 03:40 daily, so I would expect the latest tar.gz file to have a modified date of approx 3:00-ish this morning (2-23). Am I missing something / misunderstanding how the backup feature works?
  9. If you haven't already, I'd install the community applications plugin. On there, search for the jlesage makemkv plugin. It seems to be the most poopular MakeMKV solution right now. Link: I myself am looking for a similar solution at the moment. Hopefully this will give you a direction to go in. Cheers
  10. Couldn't you write a launchd script that runs every night at 2am, etc? One that simply rsync's your photo folder to a share on your unraid nas?
  11. Thanks to everyone for the help on this issue! I've updated my OP with my triage steps. Hopefully it'll help future WD Red users in the future. I've got my array back online. The rebuild process was incredibly easy. Hardest part of this whole thing was waiting on the RMA drive. It's only strengthened the idea that Unraid was the right choice for my NAS.
  12. Everything has been updating swimmingly, just taking a while given the drives I got (14 hours each). I had a question about extended SMART tests though: can I run them while the array is up and running? Will things like mover jobs be interrupted by extended SMART tests if I run them at night?
  13. From the Disk's personal page: go to the section labeled "Self-Test" and click the "Download SMART report" button. If you've done a short SELF test, then yes, the same button.
  14. Also, traditionally it helps to attach general diagnostics in additional to the SMART results. Tools -> Diagnostics -> Download.
  15. Hey! Another WD Red user! See my thread from a couple of weeks ago. The extended SMART results mean different things for different brands of drives. I'll let someone more knowledgeable than me confirm, but your drive might need replacement.
  16. No worries trurl, I imagine you're managing thousands of threads on this board lol. I've begun a rebuild but it'll take 12 hours. Probably tomorrow I'll pop on and update the OP with a summary of steps taken for these particular drives (WD Red Plus).
  17. Right on, ty itimpi! So as a general rule of thumbs: adding multiple data drives at once = fine. Adding data + parity drives = not (do them as separate tasks). Makes sense. I'm just a new user and don't want to make any assumptions as to how unraid operates.
  18. Thanks trurl. Just to be clear: I'll be moving from 1x Parity and 3x Data drives to 2x Parity and 4x Data drives. Sounds like adding a 2nd parity will require a rebuild on Parity I might be better off doing #1, just adding the replacement data disk and rebuilding the array. Then afterwards, spinning down the array, and adding Parity #2 and Data #4?
  19. Thanks trurl. Looks good now. I was making it more complicated than it needed to be. (i.e. "Attribute = 0" trying to match the checkboxes below). Final question: I'll be rebuilding the array soon. I am adding a 2nd parity drive and one more storage drive. Should I: 1) spin up the array with the replacement disk ONLY, and rebuild FIRST - followed by spinning down the array, and adding the new drives. or 2) spin up the array with the replacement disk, plus the new drives, and rebuild all together. Couldn't find any documentation on this particular scenario in the wiki. I would prefer to do #2 as I imagine it'll be faster, but am obviously interested in doing this correctly moreso than quickly.
  20. Hi trurl! While I've been waiting on my RMA'd disk, I've been looking into setting up Unraid to monitor said attribute for my WD Red drives. I've looked at the wiki plus these forums, but am unsure how to add monitoring as discussed above. I assume I go to the disk page, and enter a custom attribute (screenshot of what I'm talking about attached)? Is this correct? What would the syntax for this custom attribute look like?
  21. Just an update: I spun down the array and removed the disk. It's currently in RMA. After I get the replacement I'll start a rebuild. When it's all said and done, I'll update the OP with my steps used to triage this issue. Hoping it'll help future WD Red owners.
  22. Roger. Thank you so much Trurl! Just for my own notes and knowledge: can you briefly describe what you're seeing. Would a healthy disc have "000" for all of those fields?
  23. Attached is my smart report for disk1. The text below the report download says "Completed without error"
  24. Just posting an update: extended SMART is still at 40%. Might not have results ready until tomorrow. Thanks again for meandering this issue with me trurl
  25. Attaching. Thank you trurl!