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  1. Changed Status to Closed
  2. So it is a known issue? Is it possible to only reboot the webui ? Sometimes the reboot may lead to an unclean reboot.
  3. Webui status will not update, App and plugins tab also stuck at loading. I can't even download diagnostics by webui. So I copy the log from flash. tower-diagnostics-20211003-2128.zip
  4. In chinese, the parity check section doesn't display saturday option in "Day of the week". And if we choose saturday option in english, it will display "每天", which means every day. @SpencerJ
  5. Have you tried docker with custom IP(macvlan) and host access binded with br0? After binded with br1 (another NIC), I’ve never met this issue.
  6. I'm not sure, I thinks it is igb. By the way, my ipmi remote console is not work after loading into the unraid, is it normal? I can only monitor the boot process.
  7. My motherboard is Supermicro X11SCA-F, i think i solve the problem by assign custom ip of docker containers to the br1 (a second NIC in the server), that's mean, you can't bonded the two network interfaces
  8. Today my unraid crash again, is there any way we can fix this without buying a switch?
  9. sorry, i don't know how to downgrade. hope limetech found a way to resolve this bug,
  10. Could you please change my username to: danieland Thanks.