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  1. I actually had the same thought but I haven't had a chance to shut my sever down to verify. I'll report back when I can check (hopefully tomorrow). Thanks for the response! EDIT: I went ahead and pulled the card and it's a GTS 450
  2. I'm having issues getting my 1050 Ti working. I see it in my system devices but in my syslog I see it try to initialize a few times with the message "The NVIDIA GPU -device id- installed in this system is not supported by the NVIDIA 465.27 driver release, etc, etc, None of the NVIDIA devices were initialized. According to the supported devices list on Nvidia's site for this driver version, the 1050 Ti should be supported. I've also tried the production branch with the same results. So far I've added "video=efifb:off" to my syslinux.cfg and verified I don't have it bound
  3. It looks like the OrganizrV2 docker hub was changed. It's now at: and the current build is organizr/organizr. I updated my settings with the new URL & build and it updated without issue.