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  1. Actually nothing special to do: install it (through the APPS tab, clicking "Click Here To Get More Results From DockerHub"). After installed & started, you set the "Chrome CDP path" in the settings of stash
  2. Hello, No, actually you must create the directory there: /mnt/user/appdata/stash/config/scrapers You download the scraper you want, from the GitHub (raw) directly into this folder. For example (I've use wget): cd /mnt/user/appdata/stash/config/scrapers wget Then you click the button "refresh scrapers" in the settings of stash. Et voilà. I hope it helps some people. Now I have to find out how to install/use the chromedp/headless-shell because it's needed too 😅 EDIT: Ok I've managed the install of the chromedp container. Pretty simple. Now everything's working fine.
  3. Hello, Sorry if it has been asked but I've discovered an error in my Auto Update Application, at the bottom: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.update.applications/include/exec.php on line 100 The line is: foreach($containers as $container) {
  4. Hello, @binhex Here is how I create an alias combining several GeoIP lists. I simply use the already existing aliases. Like that: There is an auto-complete menu to add any country: Then I update the feeds Updating: pfB_Authorized_Countries_v4 1 table created.21803 addresses added. After that, I can use this alias in any rules. I do wrong ? Or maybe I misunderstood something. I'm pretty new with pfsense.
  5. Hello, what address link I can put to have a nice icon with r on blue background ?
  6. @Squid Hello, you should definitely recheck this app. As you can see, it does not work and the dev doesn't even bother to answer. In fact, I even wonder how it could be accepted in the "Appstore" of unRAID, at first.
  7. @A75G Hello, The supposed default credentials did not work for me. But I've found the way to reset the password (simply using the shell script included). Thanks.
  8. Hello, Regarding yacy I cannot login to the admin console. It is said the default credentials are admin/docker but it's refused. I deleted the container + the appdata folder, and downloaded it again from the Apps, but the credentials are still refused. Do you know how to reset the password ?
  9. Ok I just solved it. I have read on another forum that there is probably a special DOSATTRIB (dos attribute?) that could be set on the folder. I've never heart about this attribute before. As I quote someone: MacOS SMB clients interpret the DOS readonly bit in a non-standard way. It is basically mapped to the "locked" property in Finder. We can see and remove this attribute with commands getextattr and rmtextattr but those commands aren't available on UNraid. So I've backed up all the contains to a temp dir, deleted the downloads folder and recreated a new one. Et voilà. I hope it can help another UNraid user in the futur. Hv a nice day
  10. I've discovered today that I have write rights inside the already existing folders. So the problem would be only at the root of the share 💁‍♂️
  11. Hello, I don't know how to fix it. I've already rebooted the server and the client (my Mac) I cannot write on my "downloads" share anymore, from my Mac. I have other shares I still can access read/write but not this one. There is like a locker on the icon: smb:// And I have windows10 running in a VM that can still access and write this share without any problem. Also, something always changes the owner of the dir. I dont know what and why: root@Home-Server:~# ls -l /mnt/cache total 0 drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 32 Jan 4 17:09 domains/ drwxrwxrwx 1 pee_bear 1000 474 Feb 21 19:11 downloads/ If I change the dir owner (chown -R nobody:users downloads) it comes back to pee_bear/1000 later. Anyway I don't think it is the reason I cannot have write access from my Mac because I can from the Win10 and the rights are 777 so even "the others" can write. Any idea ? Thank you
  12. @casperse Hello, yes you need an IP in the same network than your devices. It is usually "easy" to setup (have to choose "Custom: Br0" and define an ip), but I couldn't make it work with this image. So I dropped it and I installed the official docker image hoobs/hoobs. I could add the bridge to my House app of Apple ! But I can't make my 2 switchbot work correctly. I'm gonna try Homebridge then. Thanks !