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  1. Anyone else having issues lately where any movie you watch it keeps skipping forward a few seconds randomly? EDIT: Fixed by following these steps Visit https://app.plex.tv/ 151 Click on the Settings icon in the Plex Web header Click Show Advance within the Settings view Click on Debug within the Settings view left-side bar Within the settings view you’ll see a Use alternate streaming protocol for video playback checkbox Check that checkbox, save settings
  2. Any idea why the Dynamix System Temperature is not updating? It is just stuck reporting a singular temperature for my MB and CPU
  3. Thank you JorgeB I will do that just to be sure. An update though, I went into Dynamix System Temperature, and unloaded and reloaded the drivers. After that, I correctly set the processor that was to be used. Seems like all is well now.
  4. Hello! Recently, i've been having this weird issue where my CPU temperatures keep getting reported as very high (80c). When I am in the ASUS BIOS, it reports it as normal (30c), its just when I boot into the Unraid dashboard that it becomes an issue. I've reseated the CPU fan multiple times, but it keeps coming up with the same issue. I attached the diagnostics report. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you! tower-diagnostics-20210510-0830.zip
  5. did you ever fix this issue? Im having it currently EDIT: Nvm fixed it. If anyone sees this in the future. Make sure you clear out every folder in your Nextcloud share you probably already made
  6. I didnt have plex pass! That solved it. Thank you!
  7. Sorry. Yes, I meant in Plex itself. I've done whats mentioned in OP, but for some reason the actual option to enable HW decoding/encoding is not showing in Plex transcoder settings
  8. No matter what I do, when I go to transcoder I am not seeing hardware acceleration option there? Any help would be appreciated. Using a 750ti
  9. Ill run an extended smart test on them.. Do you think the SATA cables could be going bad? Going off of what I said earlier ab out how the HDD's are fine in an external enclosure
  10. While transferring a lot of data 100gb+ EDIT: I am currently trying to view my mounted server drive in windows explorer, and it doesnt let me in, but I can get into the root folders fine.
  11. Thanks for the prompt response. Attached is the zip tower-diagnostics-20191014-1902.zip
  12. Hello, I keep getting I/O device error's on my transfers. I was assuming maybe the HDD are dying, but when I put them in external enclosures, the HDD's work perfectly.