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  1. GreenEyedMonster

    Windows 10 VM: USB 2.0 > USB 3.0

    Just start a new windows VM with the same vdisk attached to it. Fixed it right up.
  2. GreenEyedMonster

    Virtualize a Rasberry Pi?

  3. GreenEyedMonster

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    Thank you!! That worked perfectly!!!
  4. GreenEyedMonster

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Ombi

    Hey guys! I have a really weird issue. I have my ombi setup on my home server. Everything is working great on my local IP. The issue starts once I try to login from my website. This happens.... https://snag.gy/3ldut5.jpg No matter what I try it won't let me login. I press plex and just get a new login page as the homepage. I try to login with my ID and Password... clicking the sign-in button doesn't work. Any ideas?!
  5. GreenEyedMonster

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    Yes, just fine from local IP address. I'm reinstalling it now and see if that fixes it. Still the same. These are my settings... what am I missing?!
  6. GreenEyedMonster

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    Ombi isn't working with this. I see the website but I can't login. If I try to log into Ombi with my plex account it just sends me to small login window again. Looks like this: https://snag.gy/3ldut5.jpg Any ideas??
  7. GreenEyedMonster


    Nope I hadn't. I even did that.
  8. GreenEyedMonster


    Hey guys! I found a new music docker on CA called Funkwhale. Seems perfect for my needs but I can't seem to import my music folder to it. I use the github instructions, https://github.com/thetarkus/docker-funkwhale, and get stuck at the last part. it says "manage.py import_files: error: unrecognized arguments: -6103-4661-b33b-7b9a4ec06fe1" I take away that I then get "CommandError: Invalid library id" Any ideas?! @thetarkus is the builder of the docker. I can't seem to find him here either. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Figured it out... I left the $ sign in....
  9. GreenEyedMonster

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    Any idea's how to host a wordpress website with this?
  10. GreenEyedMonster

    Pulling all pictures from server.

    Hey guys, I have a ton of pictures in different directories on my server. I would like to pull all of the pictures from the server and then move them to one folder. Is there a program that can do that for me on my server? What would you guys suggest? Thank you!
  11. GreenEyedMonster

    GPU slicing like "Nvidia Grid" in Unraid.

    Oh really?! Damn I need to buy a p4000 sooner than I thought. Can anyone confirm this?!
  12. GreenEyedMonster

    Double or Triple "Cache" pools

    This would be great for SSD vs HD vs M.2 drive pools.
  13. GreenEyedMonster

    Ability to install GPU Drivers for Hardware Acceleration.

    Moves it back to the top.
  14. GreenEyedMonster

    A proper login page

    +! For this as well! Would love not having to reset certain dockers myself.