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  1. GreenEyedMonster

    Pulling all pictures from server.

    Hey guys, I have a ton of pictures in different directories on my server. I would like to pull all of the pictures from the server and then move them to one folder. Is there a program that can do that for me on my server? What would you guys suggest? Thank you!
  2. GreenEyedMonster

    GPU slicing like "Nvidia Grid" in Unraid.

    Oh really?! Damn I need to buy a p4000 sooner than I thought. Can anyone confirm this?!
  3. GreenEyedMonster

    Double or Triple "Cache" pools

    This would be great for SSD vs HD vs M.2 drive pools.
  4. GreenEyedMonster

    Ability to install GPU Drivers for Hardware Acceleration.

    Moves it back to the top.
  5. GreenEyedMonster

    A proper login page

    +! For this as well! Would love not having to reset certain dockers myself.
  6. GreenEyedMonster

    Ability to install GPU Drivers for Hardware Acceleration.

    Yep! This would really open up a lot of doors for us to have more efficient servers at home. It would also open the doors to more GPU gaming rigs. Something that Limetech promotes a lot! Here's to hoping we can install drivers directly to Unraid! +10000
  7. GreenEyedMonster

    Multiple drive pools

    I would love this as well!
  8. GreenEyedMonster

    SNAP for Unraid

    If not Snap... there is also Flatpak and AppImage.
  9. GreenEyedMonster

    SNAP for Unraid

    https://snapcraft.io/ What is a snap? A snap : is a squashFS filesystem containing your app code and a snap.yaml file containing specific metadata. It has a read-only file-system and, once installed, a writable area. is self-contained. It bundles most of the libraries and runtimes it needs and can be updated and reverted without affecting the rest of the system. is confined from the OS and other apps through security mechanisms, but can exchange content and functions with other snaps according to fine-grained policies controlled by the user and the OS defaults. https://youtu.be/DLxqdf89hRo Why would this be awesome for Unraid? If I understand correctly... hardware passthrough! Also https://snapcraft.io/store
  10. GreenEyedMonster

    Ability to install GPU Drivers for Hardware Acceleration.

    +1 Here as well!
  11. No worries! Thanks!
  12. GreenEyedMonster

    A proper login page

    I like this idea... would make management of certain VM's a lot easier.
  13. This!! As GPU prices drop this would be a ton of fun to have at home. Would really make UnRaid take off as well!
  14. What case is that?!? The PC-A79??