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  1. I'm new to this so please ignore my ignorance... but why this over pi-hole?
  2. Hey guys, I love this Docker. I have an issue where some of my sites take a long time to load vs others. For example I have a Ghost Blog going and that can take up to 4 minutes and several reloads for the page to finally load. While others like Ombi are quick to be served. Any ideas? Thanks for this btw... it is amazin!
  3. Why not passthrough a usb controller for each one? One usb 3.0 should be enough for everything you might add?
  4. I like the flexibility of an all in one NAS system. Better VLAN support. Dumb it down for us!
  5. Can you only have one connection to a peer at a time? Would I have to make a new peer for every device?
  6. Random question. I would like to have two different Wireguard connections that I can connect to. One that has PIA (I know I'm going to change soon.) always on. So when I connect to Wireguard instance I also get my PIA address out of the network. The other one is just direct to my network with all traffic coming out of my home IP. They both would have full access to my home network. Is that something that would be possible?
  7. Yes, but do we have to wait till 6.10 or 6.8. I know they will do what is best but for UnRaid in the long term so I just want to know if I should spin up a vm or not.
  8. Thanks for all the work you guys are doing. I think it's for the best to move forward like this. I know you mentioned that new features will be in 6.10 does that also include Wireguard? Thanks!
  9. Extensions are working!! Now if I could somehow figure out how to have a live server session show up or running a server. Might have to do some other way.
  10. I'm an idiot figured it out! Just incase anyone else is going through this same issue. I had the website as HTTP not HTTPS on the first setup page. Changed it to HTTPS and now it works.
  11. I can't seem to get Nextcloud to work. I keep getting this error. "400 Bad Request The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port nginx/1.16.1" Any ideas? I'm a bit at a loss.
  12. I so want to know when it comes out... Wireguard and Login page is what i'm waiting on!