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  1. Welcome Nothing in particular other than enabling iommu and smv in bios. I have 3 cards: Nvidia 1650, rtx saphire 570 and nvidia 1050ti. First 2 for vms. Last one for hardware acceleration.
  2. I've been running 3900x with rogstrix470f for over 18 months with no issues. arch vm, windows vm, mac vm all run well plus 45 dockers.
  3. This is what I did with "user scripts" Created as script, that's simply a place holder for the docker compose binary. In my example it's called "06_docker_compose_binary". Just create it in the web ui. Add nothing. A script that downloads the docker-compose binary, once a month, into the place holder script created in step one: #!/bin/bash #---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # This script will update docker-compose script from github periodically | #---------------------------------------------------------------------------- COM
  4. If you are unable to build your own image and install the plugins via command line, my suggestion would be that you try something else. The shinobi Gui plugin manager doesn't work and in fact the plugins themselves work partially. Take a look at Frigate; it's actively developed and what it currently does it does very well. Alternatively go with zoneminder.
  5. I only added the vbios on the VM set up tab. And you'll also need to bind that card in tools >> device setting.
  6. I'm on this bios: American Megatrends Inc. Version 5843. Dated: 03/11/2021 and have the following: 1st slot Radeon RX 570 which I use for MacOs and Windows VMs 2nd slot GeForce GTX 1650 for Archlinux Vm - daily driver 3rd slot GeForce GTX 1050 Ti - hardware acceleration. i.e plex, zoneminder, mlapi, etc. I'm on Legacy boot. non uefi. In bios I've only modified the following: HVM: Enabled IOMMU: Enabled Memory Freq: 3000 Power state: Power on restart Fans: all at max I think that if you're passing t
  7. I am on 6.9.2 and can passthrough gpu(s). Asus rogstrix 470 MB, Ryzen 3900x.
  8. Did you re-check the power cable is indeed connected to the card?
  9. Not sure if comparable, but i get this done with mcvlan network https://dockstarter.com/advanced/macvlan/ So my Unraid is in 1 ip. Pihole docker is in another ip.
  10. This is what I use to scan my external storages docker exec --user www-data nextcloud php console.php files:scan admin --path=/admin/files/gdrive
  11. good day, I found a way to get zm back with this post https://forums.zoneminder.com/viewtopic.php?t=29602 however, it doesn't say what's creating it.
  12. Thank you for your response. In latter tests the drive starts at over 100M and after reaching circa 10% it dives to around 50M and stays there to the end. The middle dip results were produced until about 10 days ago.
  13. Good day, so I ended up replacing the drive because it continued to just hang everything. I plecleared it and in theory it "passed" after 56 hours. The diskspeed tests, continue to be very poor. So I think it's failed. Before dispossing of it, i want to confirm my assumptions. Any advise is appreciated. Thank you preclear_disk_WFN13LVC_14630.txt
  14. Good day. First thank you for producing this tool. I had been experiencing significant system lagging last week and afer changing sata cables, usb stick, inspecting docker by docker etc I finally came across this tool and tested. These are drive 1 tests over the last few days with services (docker,vms) online. it's all over the place. These are for all drives with all services off. Seems to be ok, or at least not worse than the rest. Any advise welcome. Thank you