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  1. Sorry misunderstood you’re request. Thank you for sharing this.
  2. The easiest way is to install the portainer docker. you can then use the built in docker compose feature, which is under the stacks heading
  3. @jonathanm thank you for the tip. it is indeed a night and day improvement.
  4. See attached temps snapshot. This is at usual 10 to 15% cpu utilisation.
  5. @dlandon thank you. I’m reaching out to someone in an earlier post using this config.
  6. @PTRFRLL would appreciate it if you could explain how to set up this docker with an external dB. ive tried following the guide in note 1 of this thread but I get a message dB can’t connect and I’m sure is because there’s more steps. thank you
  7. @dlandon thank you for your prompt reply. i did follow the guide. Created the 99-.conf file but i kept getting an error saying it cant connect to mariadb I created a linuxserver/mariadb to connect to it. The question was more about do i have to create a separate network and use network_mode: network etc.. I just cant get it to work. reason i want to try an external db, it's because i'm having problems with the internal db. First run it runs fine. Then overnight it crashes and cant connect. Did a bit of reading and I believe i tracked it to adding TZ in the docker as well as ensuring it's aligned in options>settings. That seemed to fix it. But now i have another problem: Aug 6 15:31:28 UNRAID web_php[2319]: ERR [SQL-ERR 'SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'DESC limit 20' at line 1', statement was 'SELECT `Id`, `MonitorId`, `Name`, `Cause`, `Notes`, `StartTime`, date_format( StartTime, '%y/%m/%d %H:%i:%S' ) as StartTimeShort, `EndTime`, `Width`, `Height`, `Length`, `Frames`, `AlarmFrames`, `TotScore`, `AvgScore`, `MaxScore` FROM Events WHERE Events.MonitorId = :selector0 ORDER BY DESC limit 20' params:1] Aug 6 15:31:28 UNRAID web_php[2319]: ERR [SQL-ERR dbFetchAll no result, statement was 'SELECT `Id`, `MonitorId`, `Name`, `Cause`, `Notes`, `StartTime`, date_format( StartTime, '%y/%m/%d %H:%i:%S' ) as StartTimeShort, `EndTime`, `Width`, `Height`, `Length`, `Frames`, `AlarmFrames`, `TotScore`, `AvgScore`, `MaxScore` FROM Events WHERE Events.MonitorId = :selector0 ORDER BY DESC limit 20'params: 1] So when I open a monitor i cant see the events list under it. if i click on the events (number) it will take me to events and i can see it. Not sure what's creating all that, but wanted to try external db. I also tried running your .master image. Got it running, no apparent db problems, but couldnt define motion zones as i cant see them in the brower. it shows a blank screen. Any guidance/suggestions are appreciated.
  8. Good day, first thank you for this docker. can anyone share steps to configure this docker with an external db. a docker compose would be great. thank you
  9. Not sure if I misunderstood you, but you simply add the desired location to the left side of your volume entry, for example - /mnt/user/appdata/joomla:/var/www/html
  10. Mine only works with unraid beta. New kernel
  11. sharing an installation script i put together. basic installation with options to install xfce and plasma. https://github.com/juan11perez/Arch-Installer download and run the download.sh script.
  12. thank you gents. This also fixed my windows vm
  13. another option is to use portainer. in portainer select stack > add stack and then you can write/paste your docker compose and hit deploy. (limited to docker-compose version 2)
  14. i've been using Sonarr/Radarr/Jackett for 2 years and they just work. cant comment about the others. below a video on sonarr setup, the rest will also be in the channel.