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  1. @arch1mede Definitely not 6.9 issue. I run 6.9rc versions without any problems.
  2. @arch1mede thank you so much for sharing this info. This has been really irritating. I've run this unraid box for 2 years without any problems, exept the self-inflicted ones I have experienced the same problems as you since installing this docker. Not sure whats the best way to warn others?
  3. @JorgeB thank you for taking the time. It appears to be this docker https://github.com/testdasi/grafana-unraid-stack I installed it about a week ago and trouble seemed to start then. Have you used it?
  4. Good day. Over the last week unraid has become unusually slow. Started aproximately 6 days ago, where the system would become unresponsive when trying to stop dockers. Even after stoping the docker service, some containers would continue to appear to be running and when attempting to stop them via cli it would report they're already being stopped. After a restart, the system runs fine for aproximately 12 hours and then the same pattern starts. Looking at glances the load increases to the below numbers when histofically (about 1.5 year) they've all hovered around 4..
  5. Watching this video I realised I can start Gui mode with an AMD card and subsequently pass to a vm without crashing. Question is, if it's possible to 'recover' Gui mode once the vm is shutdown without restarting Unraid. Thank you. I
  6. @JorgeB Short note to update and again thank you for your advise. Adding "nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0" to syslinux did not resolve the issue. The drive kept disconnecting. I replaced it with a Samsung 970plus and that stopped the problem. Sever has now been running for over 10 days with no issues. Not sure if this means the Adata drive failed, but if it did it's quite disappointing as it's only 2 years old and the internet is full of praises for this product.
  7. I'm far from being an expert, so disregard if stating the obvious. Does the vm work with vnc? And if yes are you starting unraid in legacy mode or uefi?
  8. @ElectricBrainUK Thank you for your response. Firing Users Scripts would be more than enough. @Jokerigno For instance firing a script that unbinds a usb device from a running vm and subsequently starting another vm that uses that usb device
  9. @ElectricBrainUK I'm not a developer, so forgive me if asking for something unrealistic, but would it be possible to fire scripts from unraidapi. Currently i fire them from Home assistant via ssh and works well, but maybe it can also be done via mqtt? Thank you for this component.
  10. @JorgeB Thank you for the advise. I'll implement and monitor. The drive has worked fine for 2 years and only started acting up after I added a 3rd GPU in the 3rd PCI lane. Not sure it has any bearing on it, but it's the only change. I have another identical drive in the second m.2 slot and it's fine; but then again is 4 months old. Once again thank you.
  11. Good day, About 4 days ago docker crashed. All dockers reside in /mnt/cache. Cache being ADATA_SX8200PNP_2J3420080645 (nvme0n1) When i checked in the main tab, the drive had disappeared. All else was fine. i restarted the server a couple of times, with no luck. I presumed a faulty drive; so I removed it and installed another nvme drive in the same pci slot and the new drive showed up. So sort of confirmed my suspicion. Nevertheless I reinstalled the presumed failed drive in its old location restarted and it appeared again. Server run fine last 4 days. This morning do
  12. Good day, I have an ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING motherboard with 3 expansion slots. Currently I have GPU(s) in 1 and 2 working correctly. I want to add a 3rd GPU into slot 3. I would appreciate any advice/concerns that should be observed if a third GPU is added. Is it even feasible? Thank you
  13. @meep @ChatNoir Thank you for the information. Appreciate any feedback on the results of these drives.