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  1. ok, if someone comes up with an Idea, that would be awesome, I don't know a lot about certificates. 🙂
  2. ok, do I need two instances of swag then? Just to clarify, I don't want it open to the internet, I only want the annoying message gone, that the page appears to be not secure.
  3. Hello all, I'm currently using swag for bitwarden but I would like to use it for nextcloud as well, it would use the same domain, but with a different port. Do you guys know how to achieve that? Thank you in advance, Autchi
  4. Hey Guys, I'm trying to get librephotos from dockerhub, unfortunately it won't download it. TOTAL DATA PULLED: 0 B root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='librephotos-frontend' --net='bridge' -e TZ="Europe/Berlin" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" 'reallibrephotos/librephotos-frontend' Unable to find image 'reallibrephotos/librephotos-frontend:latest' locally docker: Error response from daemon: manifest for reallibrephotos/librephotos-frontend:latest not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown. See 'docker run --help'. The command failed. I don't know why it won't find the image locally, so it would expect it to download it but somehow doesn't. Any ideas what I need to change? thank you in advance, Autchi
  5. Hey Guys, one of my databases got lost within the last couple of days. Unfortunately I don't know why and how, but this is not the biggest issue, I just deleted the old mariadb folder in appdate (while the container was stoped), copied an old backup into it and then started the container again. But somehow I get the error mentioned in this post, I can't get it fixed with solution #2, so is there any way to get back the data from my old database? Error: ...... 210614 11:10:30 mysqld_safe Logging to syslog. 210614 11:10:30 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /config/databases 210614 11:10:31 mysqld_safe Logging to syslog. 210614 11:10:31 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /config/databases 210614 11:10:32 mysqld_safe Logging to syslog. 210614 11:10:32 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /config/databases ..... Thank you in advance, Autchi
  6. of course, I understand this limitation of PIA, that's up to the tracker admin now... 🙂 Ah, that's a good thought to not put it into the log to keep it more private. Thank you for always thinking about our privacy!
  7. Thank you, that worked out well, so I would assume it's a tracker issue because of the randomly changing port after a reboot of the container. Suggestion: Add the output of the external IP into the log.
  8. could have pointed that out, sorry. Yes, I did that. Currently it's: 2021-06-10 14:15:49,273 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [debug] VPN incoming port is 20694 [debug] Deluge incoming port is 20694 [debug] VPN IP is [debug] Deluge IP is feel free to double check. It just fixed itself (at least according to the tracker), I don't know what happened, but it seems like it takes more than half an hour to get the port forwarded... or something else happened. But checking on the website still reports as port is not forwarded. I added the log file where this must have happened. supervisord.log
  9. Hey Guys, I'm using PIA with the current delugevpn container. It worked fine once, then I rebooted now it isn't working perfectly any more. So, one of my trackers requires that I can be contacted from outside (aka port is forwarded). This tracker reports (which it wasn't before the restart), that I'm not reachable now. I used to check if the port is opened, but it isn't. I couldn't find any error message in the log file or anything that would indicate that something went wrong. Also I checked in deluge, the incoming port is exactly set as the same port which is used by the VPN. Anything else I need to check? I already attached a log file, I don't understand what is happening here. I could try fireguard (I would love to use this in future), but I'm not sure if something else is going wrong and I don't want to mess with too much stuff. Thank you in advance, Autchi
  10. I'm a bloody moron... thank you! also, with the other modem it's working great, unfortunately this modem-router sucks in other terms... 🙂 Thank you for your great support here!
  11. Here is the catch with that, when using the privoxy tunnel of said container with my other PC and checking the speed with I get 260mbit/s down and 51mbit/s up (I've got a 250/50 line, so this is the maximum I can expect). Also I get full speed using the official app on my PC, which is again an argument against a general problem with the modem having issues. But I also received a new version of the router/modem from my provider. I first have to check if I can operate it as a modem, as soon I know this is possible, I'll switch to said modem and hope for the best. But this is only a thought I'm having right now, as I said I'll look further into it and keep you posted on the topic. So you might be able to help the next person that has the same issue. 🙂 One more question, do you plan on using/enabling wireguard for this container? I'm using wireguard for other things a lot and I think it's the supperior protocoll.
  12. Thank you for your answer, as a clarification regarding the router-modem topic. I'm using cable internet, this goes into a device which is provided by my ISP, this can act as a router as well, or just "change" the packets that are comming from the cable to ethernet. I'm using this device merely to do that, it doesn't create a wifi, I can not connect multiple devices to it etc. So all the other stuff (WiFi, DHCP and other services) are done by my router (my own hardware). As a short explanation what you get from your ISP is a modem-router, but they only call it router, because most people don't care about the difference. Modem (modulator demodulator) de-/modulates the cable (or whatever connection type you use) signal from/to ethernet. The router then provides the packets that are embedded in these signals to the devices in your network. My router doesn't have any issues keeping up, that's 100% sure, the device which is provided by my ISP can't keep up, I figured this out with different tries. So, my point is, I used to have 150+ torrents running on qbittorrent (without VPN), but as soon I add one torrent to delugevpn my modem just plainly gives up. Now, why can my modem (of router if you want to) handle 150+ torrents without a vpn, but can't keep up with 1 torrent if I use VPN. I'm not a network expert, I've got only very basic understanding of the ISO-OSI model with TCP/IP. But what I understand VPN is doing, it takes all the packets encrypts them and sends them to a different receiver. This should not generate any additional load on the router, only on the device that runs the VPN. I agree, it might cause a minor increase of traffic by a small one digit percentage, but not significant (1 vs 150+ torrents). So what I'm thinking is, as soon there is a torrent active the openvpn hammers my modem with requests, that it eventual will reject but this will put heavy load on my modem. But I understand this might go beyond what we are handling here, what I'm currently considdering is to use wireshark to record some of the network traffic with delugevpn on, then some with qbittorrent on and one without any of these on and see if there is a major differences in messages. If not, my ISP fucked up the modem-router software and I'm screwed, because changing this usually causes big trouble with my ISP.
  13. After seeing a post here, that showed me how to get the complete logfile (and which one it is), I added this, probably this can help to explain why my modem doesn't survive the container. Any Help welcome, I'm still at a complete loss, I'm currently only downloading ubuntu and this already is disruptive to my modem. supervisord.log
  14. Hey, I'm using pia and I followed spaceinvaders tutorial (and hopefully didn't miss anything), but somehow I can not get a reasonable downloadspeed. I'm stuck at ~1MBit/s. I tested it with ubuntu, with normal qbittorrent I got to ~25Mbit/s (my max down speed), but as soon I'm using deluge with VPN I'm stuck at ~1Mbit/s. Tested it with some other torrents as well, all the same. No tracker complains about missing port forwarding also I checked if the port is open (and hopefully didn't do anything wrong). I even used it as a proxy and went to where I got good speed. So what I'm wondering, how am I stuck to ~1Mbit/s as soon I use the VPN? [start of edit with additional information:] setup: I followed spaceinvaders tutorial (also using pia) unraid and delugevpn latest version Router Linksys EA8300 with openwrt (19.xx) Router which is used as modem has been provided by my isp. issues: down/upload speed limited to 1mbit/s as soon the container is running (even with 2 torrents) I get a bad ping (50-500ms) to my modem (modem is a modem-router combi, but set to modem mode only). As router I'm using an Linksys EA3800 with openwrt. findings: ping to modem is good as soon delugevpn is off, as soon I've got some torrents (not even downloading) in delugevpn my ping to the modem drops significantly. Ping to websites does not drop, but websites are way slower. My Modem can handle 180+ torrents at the same time (tested with qbittorrent without vpn). what I did: reinstall delugevpn container (no change) reset my router to factory defaults and used different versions of openwrt (no change) didn't use my own router, but used the isp provided router with all router settings active (no change) tested the speed using privoxy, I was able to get full speed out of my internet connection there downloaded some torrents using delugevpn and downloaded them using qbittorrent, qbittorrent always gave full speed (used ubuntu and other well shared torrents to make sure I can saturate my internet connection). @binhex I have been doing some extensive research and it seems like delugevpn is putting way more pressure on my modem. I'm not sure what is going on and I don't know how to research any deeper, if you are interested to fix this, let me know. Thank you in Advance, Autchi
  15. Hey Guys, I'm using netdata since a bit now, what I'm wondering is, is it possible to keep my data and the plugins I installed after an update of the container? I'm using fping to keep track of my Network latency, and at the moment updating the container will result in a fresh setup of said plugin. Also, I'm wondering how I can prevent my history to get lost after every update, is it possible to write the data to an external mariaDB Database? Thank you in advance, Autchi