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  1. Hey Guys, I had a power failure in my house and now I've got two issues. 1. My Fix Common Issues Plugin reports: Template URL for docker application is missing: The template URL the author specified is The template can be updated automatically with the correct URL. Do you guys have some help for me here? Thank you in Advance, Autchi
  2. Of course, thank you, completely forgot about this option, this is an acceptable solution.
  3. Hey Guys, I'm hosting my unraid server at home for me and my wife. Now I would like to start to expand the system to my parents place as well and keep data (as a backup) on both servers. But of course I don't want to be able that someone (naming me as an admin) can access the data of other users, even not by accident. Is it possible to create personally encrypted space, what I understand I can not just encrypt a share, but probably there is a software out there that can create encryption per user. I already checked out nextcloud, but this does not encrypt folder and filenames,
  4. Hey Guys, I'm running raspberrymatic for my home automation, to be able to use this I've got to connect a special Radio Module via USB to my PC. I'm able to boot the machine and connect to devices, but as soon I try to send a command to a device it reports a problem. Screenshot that might not be usefull, because it's german, but just to give you an idea is attached as "Konfiguration Schreiben". This said, I followed their tutorial for the QEmu setup as good I was able to. I did: qemu-img convert -O qcow2 RaspberryMatic.vmdk RaspberryMatic.qcow2 qemu-img resiz
  5. I was not aware of the ovo into QEMU option, so I didn't even consider this. But after some research I also found, that raspberrymatic offers a tutorial for QEMU (I didn't even know until now, that unraid uses QEMU). So, what they suggest for QEMU is: qemu-img convert -O qcow2 RaspberryMatic.vmdk RaspberryMatic.qcow2 qemu-img resize RaspberryMatic.qcow2 +5G qemu-system-i386 -vnc :1 -m 2048 --enable-kvm \ -drive file=RaspberryMatic.qcow2,if=virtio \ -netdev user,id=network0 -net nic,model=virtio,macaddr=00:00:00:00:00:01 -net tap,ifname=tap0 \ -chardev socket,path=/tmp/qga.
  6. Hey Guys, I switched to unraid a couple of days ago, since then my home automation is down, because I didn't find a good solution to get my raspberrymatic running. They offer different setup methots, like on a raspberry pi or a virtual box image (ova). All the options can be found here: What I'm wondering, is it possible to get one of these options running in raspberrymatic without creating an linux vm which then runs virtualbox to host my home automation system? Have a great day,
  7. with this information and the information from trurl I got how this will work. I'm a bloody moron, I'm so sorry, that's actually embarrassing! I know parity, but I always saw the data as a stream and not creating the parity P(m)=B_a(m)+B_b(m)+B_c(m).... ok, dang, I think I got your point, it seems to me that unraid can't mount the existing jbod which is formated with NTFS and copy the data to the unraid array, without a risk. At least to my current state of research. But so be it, I'll use some of my old external drives to store the data, I should be able to get j
  8. Thank you for your fast answer! I read this document here: "Your storage controller should support AHCI and SATA connections and be configured in standard HBA mode (not RAID mode)." So my mobo can select different operation modes for my storage controller (AHCI, IDE and Raid). So what I understood is I have to select AHCI in my Mainboard, but with your information I can just stay with the Raid mode and switch to the AHCI mode (if even necessary) afterwards. Where can I read about parity, I'm confused why I can only set up 2 parity disks, I don't understand how this will wor
  9. Hey Guys, I just heard of unraid and read some documentation about it. I'm already running a JBOD with my EVGA Z87 FTW built in raid controller. It has 2x 4TB HDDs with a Windows 10 host with plex and is hosting a server for 7days to die and minecraft. Also it runs 3 Virutal box machines, one for bitwarden, one for RaspberryMatic and one for openHab. I want to add 2x 12TB drives which have just been ordered and should arrive soon. So my questions are: 1. I read that I have to set my controller to AHCI instead of raid, but this would destroy the data from my current JBOD,