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  1. Yep, that's what I ended up doing. I have no idea what caused it, or how to find out. But it appears to be working fine after a re-install. Thanks!
  2. Well, I tried to reboot my server to see if that would fix it. Now the Calibre-Web docker is completely missing and I have to re-install it. *le sigh*
  3. These are the steps I took to resolve this issue: In your appdata/calibre-web folder create a new folder called "custom-cont-init.d" (without the quotation marks). In the new folder, create a file called "patch-session-protection.sh" (without the quotation marks). In the new file, copy the following text and save it: #!/bin/bash echo "**** patching calibre-web - removing session protection ****" sed -i "/lm.session_protection = 'strong'/d" /app/calibre-web/cps/__init__.py Restart your container. You're right that Cloudflare is causing the issue, but only because of a security measure put in place in the last few months by Calibre-Web that is extremely unnecessary for what Calibre-Web is (just a book library). https://flask-login.readthedocs.io/en/latest/#session-protection The session protection that was added by Calibre-Web set lm.session_protection to strong, and that simply doesn't work with Cloudflare. The steps I listed bypass this newly added security feature.
  4. I had a Calibre-Web update available today, so I updated it. After updating my Docker page now gives me this warning: Any ideas on what I'm supposed to be doing to resolve this? It *appears* that Calibre-Web did successfully update since it says "up-to-date" whenever I check for updates. But Calibre-Web no longer works. I get an page cannot be displayed error when trying to access the WebUI. Below is a screenshot of the Docker page. EDIT: I tried restarting the server, and that causes it to say: Execution Error Error code 403
  5. You do not have to enable remote mode. This is what the My Servers settings page looks like: The link to the flash backup information is here: https://wiki.unraid.net/My_Servers#Flash_Backups_are_Not_Encrypted That Wiki page will probably answer any other questions you might have.
  6. It was more the out-of-network aspect that I suggested this for as in-network is super easy with the suggestion you made. I figured this could very well be a no, but it doesn't hurt to say something. There is something else I am curious about, though. In regards to the flash backup settings, it states this message: Please note that the flash backup is not encrypted at this time. Is flash backup encryption something that is being worked on, or is this a permanent warning?
  7. Not really. Your suggestion involves forking over more money to purchase (lease) your own domain. Unraid already has a purchased domain, and they already have support for subdomains which they are already offering. The subdomain they setup is a hash that people have almost no chance of remembering. My suggestion is to let people change this to a subdomain they can remember without having to go the more expensive route of utilizing your suggestion.
  8. I have a feature suggestion which may (for valid reasons I'm not able to think of) get shot down. Right now everyone has their own https://hash.unraid.net address with this plugin. It would be fantastic if you could implement a setting to change the hash to a custom value. The plugin could then check to see if that custom value is already in use, but if not then it would assign that as the new subdomain prefix. It would look like this: Default URL: https://hash.unraid.net Change custom URL field in Unraid plugin settings to (for example) metallica. Plugin checks to see if https://metallica.unraid.net is already assigned. If it is, it rejects the change with an error that the requested value is unavailable. If it is not, the change is made. Right now we have to go to the Unraid forum first, and then get redirected to the URL, and then bookmark that page for easier access. Implementing this change would make it easier to be able to access your server because you would (hopefully) always know what the URL is. There might be a completely valid reason that this cannot be done (or even that it can be done but won't be implemented), but in case this is possible and just wasn't something anyone thought of I figured I would mention it. Thanks for this plugin! I love it.
  9. I found a fairly cheap Supermicro case with 36 hot swap bays! SC847E16-R1K28LPB So far it's working great. The only issue I had was the case fans. With this being one giant Plex server the seven very high RPM fans (they idle around 4,000 RPM each) were completely unnecessary, and unbearably loud. For now I have removed all seven fans entirely. I'm monitoring temps and so far the hard drives are fine (they are sitting between 40 and 45 degrees). The CPU, however, is moving between 50 to 65 degrees with only a 5% to 10% load. That's to be expected since I don't have air being pushed through the case anymoreanymore. I ordered seven Noctua NF-A8 fans that I'll be swapping into the Supermicro fan-housing units. Those should get here in two days. Since my CPU load doesn't get over 20% (and it rarely even hits that) I think I should be okay with no case fans at all until the quieter fans get here.
  10. I thought the background audio was intentional, and it made me laugh.
  11. When I go to update a Docker (any Docker), I have this white bar that shows up and I am not sure why. I am using the Black theme (love it, but I wish the top of the GUI was dark as well), and I think this might be an issue with the Black theme itself but I couldn't tell you for sure. I attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing. This was initially posted in the Bug Reports section, but it was suggested that I mention it here as it appears to be an issue with the Black theme and not Unraid itself. If someone has a suggestion I am all ears. Thanks!
  12. I'll ask over there. Thanks!
  13. When I go to update a Docker (any Docker), I have this white bar that shows up and I am not sure why. I am using the Dark theme (love it, but I wish the top of the GUI was dark as well), and I think this might be an issue with the Dark theme itself but I couldn't tell you for sure. I attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing. If someone has a suggestion I am all ears. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the info on the HBA. Having never worked with servers before I wasn't aware it would require the HBA still. I looked into the SilverStone server chassis', but it looks like the largest one they have is the 20-bay one that you listed. I am going to need a minimum of 24 bays, so I don't think that brand will work for me.
  15. Hello everyone! I've been on Unraid for a while now (almost a year), and I've been using my Unraid server solely for Plex (although I'm wanting to add Calibre to it so I can have access to my ebooks from anywhere). The problem I have run into is I've converted about a quarter of all of my movies and TV shows from disc to digital, and I'm almost out of hard drive space with no room to add additional drives. I don't want to add a DAS which would just add extra mass to my s[ace, so I'm considering upgrading to a 24+ hot swap bay rack server chassis. The Supermicro chassis' seem to be popular, but I wanted to get some opinions from people a bit more experienced than I am. I have only ever used towers, so I'm a bit out of my element when it comes to rack servers. Here are my specs (which I know is completely overkill for what I'm using it for): Motherboard: MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge AC LGA1151 CPU: Intel i7-9700k RAM: Corsair LPX 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz C16 DDR4 Cache Drive: Samsung 970 PRO SSD 1TB (NVMe) Hard Drives: Seagate IronWolf Pro 10TB NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD (x8) HBA: LSI Logic SAS 9207-8i Storage Controller LSI00301 Cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock 4 I think that's all of the important specs. I'm going to have to massively increase the number of hard drives I have (as in triple or quadruple them), so I figured a minimum of 24 hot swap bays on the server is what I would want. Does anyone have recommendations for me on what chassis I should look at? From what I understand some chassis' have better backplanes than others, and I take it to understand that backplane takes the place of my HBA. If I'm misinformed please let me know. Sorry if this sounds silly to you guys, but we all have to start somewhere, right?