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  1. that might make some sense. I just got yesterday an error that the flash is read only. that might be the case that the flash was getting corrupted and I didn't realized that. funny enough today I am not getting that error anymore. but I will replace it tomorrow with a new one, just to eliminate this problem
  2. so then why does unraid keep saying unclean shutdown?:(
  3. did that. it takes aroung 50 seconds. so my 480 Shutdown time-out should be sufficient. yet I have a feeling unraid is ignoring this, as it was rebooted in less than 3 minutes
  4. i don't know. where can I check that? I had the timeout at around 3 minutes. personally, i think it takes less than 1 minute, but I might be wrong. I have now changed the setting to 7 minutes.
  5. Hello everyone, Noob here. i have a problem with my server. after almost every restart or shutdown i get a prarity check due to unclear shutdown. I have no idea why this keeps happening, but it's driving me crazy. can anyone help? I ahve attached the diagnostics file, if that could help. thank you. tower-diagnostics-20210913-2221.zip
  6. thank you for the explanation. I also understood cache yes as you described, but I was under the impression that with mover tuning plugin I can set the mover to only run when the cache is 75% full. that way the thing would move to cache only when the cache gets full. is that right? I am seeding but from the logs show that it's actually pulling stuff directly to the cache as the files get modified or created
  7. Hi guys, I have a problem. My disk1 would not spin down, and if I force it to spin down, it spins back up. I have installed the file activity tool and noticed that stuff is being written to the disk on my cache enabled "downloads" folder. Deluge is pulling the stuff. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? Mover is supposed to run every hour but I also have Mover Tuning plugin, that limits the transfer only when cache is above 75%. right now my cache is at 10%. but i am not sure if it's this, as the disk spin up always, not every hour. Anyone has any idea how to spin down the disks and keep them like that? I have attached also a diagnostic. Thank you. tower-diagnostics-20210715-2212.zip
  8. thanks, it worked. unfortunately, I still can't figure out why my disk1 is spinning up with no activity
  9. yes. like 5 times. including restarts and running the cleanup utility...
  10. thanks for the help. here you go. tower-diagnostics-20210713-1917.zip
  11. thank you very much for the suggestion. in the end i started with a clean slate as besides replacing my cpu i also replaced the cache drives and it seems i really broke something. now i get the splash screen and i am slowly building my setup again thank you.
  12. Hi guys, still new to unraid. i had ro replace my i3-10300 with an i5-11500 and since then I had a lot of headaches. Basically, all was running well on the old processor but since the new one, i keep haing problems with the video. I know the drivers are not in the latest kernel, so i added options i915 force_probe=4c8a to /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf that seemed to work with plex hardware decoding. But I still ahve the problem at bootup where I cannot see the bootscreen to select between GUI and non-gui boot of unraid. strangely, the system cannot boot headless. I have to hit an enter after powerup otherwise it is stuck somewhere. I can't tell were as I cannot see anything on the screen. If i hit enter twice it seems to boot in the headless mode and then i cna see the command line. no matter how long i leave it there, it will not boot. it just hangs, and a short push on the power button will turn off the machine. Any advice for me? The MOBO is a H470 from asus with the lastest bios update,. I am really frustrated about this. Even a new install had the same problem (i wanted to start over as a cache disk replacement broke some of the containers). thank you.
  13. @karateo I have just checked the card and it works. The seller seems to sell a lot of server hardware. The board looks used, even one of the fins of on the LSI chip cooler looks a bit banged, but the board runs. and at 45 Euros I'm happy with what I paid.
  14. thank you Frank for the explanation. I stay with eBay as I have buyer's protection guarantee and in the worst case, if I have to ship the product back PayPal Germany pays for return shipping in this cases up to 25€ (or at least it did a few years ago)
  15. i just bought one from Ebay from italy. the guy seems to have more, but give me a day to test mine out before buying: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Controller-SAS-D2607-A21-LSI9211-8i-Flash-in-IT-Mode-CAVO-SAS-4-porte-SATA/274744468973?hash=item3ff80be5ed:g:5yAAAOSwnEFf7a0P ebay germany allows you to filter for products which are within EU: https://www.ebay.de/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=lsi+9211-8i&_sacat=0&rt=nc&LH_PrefLoc=3
  16. don't buy from China. they are usually fake especially when talking about older ICs. go for a part from EU and pay a fair price. A 9211-8i is around 45 Euros in EU. a 9207-8i is around 80-90Euros. if you buy a counterfeit, you risk breaking your mb or end up with a 22Euros paperweight.
  17. thank you. do you have also an idea about the SAS expanders? will the SAS connection be the limiting factor? could I daisy chain the expanders in case I plan to go 24 drives? or would it be smart to put an expander on each of two outputs of 9211?
  18. hello everyone. I am still new to unraid. I have a rig with an ASUS TUF Gaming H470-PRO, 16Gb RAM, i5-11500. The main purpose is PLEX, back-up and a few Docker containers. I live in Germany so I have to source my parts from the EU market to avoid customs and taxes (really jealous on US guys). My MB has 5 sata ports. 2 are taken by the SSDs and 2 by two HDD. I plan now to shuck 2-3 more WD drives to get some extra storage and I am running out of sata ports. I could change the SSDs to NVMes, but those are 10-12euros per piece more, and in case of failure, harder to debug. So I am looking now at a SAS HBA board, but I am a bit confused. Case can handle 12 x 3.5 HDDs + 2 SSDs, so I am trying to see what I can do to upgrade, and hopefully be also prepared for future expansions, when I run out of my case and then try to add a secondary case for storage. As mentioned, I am still novice. I was thinking to get a LSI 9211-8i for the beginning. Found some nice ones for 50 Euros used. Then when I need more space I would get a SAS extender like this: https://www.ebay.de/c/15028012781?iid=143056442454 or similar and then route the extra SAS connections to another case for extra HDDs. Now my questions: Will this work well or will the hard-drives be limited in speed due to the 9211-8i being on a PCIe 2.0 bus? Should I spend 120 Euros for a 9207-08i as it is PCIe 3.0? Will daisy chaining the SAS extenders reduce the speed the drives can be access by a lot? I think this would generally be ok except for parity rebuild/checks thank you.
  19. thank you. i think for me the duplicati route (proper backup with volume shadow copy) is the better way to go as I am more looking for weekly backup with simple file versioning and proper restore option. My biggest scare is that my parrents will run into a some sort of ransomware and I will have a hard time restoring thier computers in a fast manner. Would you have any reading material for the server endpoint of Duplicati setup ? I've seen Minio docker mentioned a few times but I haven't figured out how it works and how to configure Duplicati for it.
  20. sorry for bringing back this old post. could you elaborate? i still have no idea what to do on the server side it's my parrents computer to back it up. thank you.