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  1. I am trying to set this up. I installed the MySQL docker image. MySQL says it's running. I went to the webui for cheverito to enter my info there and get the message "Can't connect to the target database. The server replied with this: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2054] The server requested authentication method unknown to the client Please fix your MySQL info." I don't know what info I need to fix? I installed the MySQL Workbench docker and I seem to be able to connect with that... So I don't know what I am doing wrong?
  2. Thanks, the one I linked a couple posts up is using an ASM1062, or at least so it says, but after looking at the LSI controllers that seems the better way to go. I just have to watch price since most of them don't seem to have cables with them. That and I don't want to get scammed.
  3. I was afraid of that. Although I was incorrect in an earlier post in this thread. It looks like I do have a PCIe slot available. So I could add a faster controller card and return the PCI controllers in exchange. I have looked at the hardware wiki. I am having a really hard time finding a compatible controller on a budget though. Seems like all the 4-6 port cards are using unsupported chipsets as far as what is avail on amazon. Most are using Marvell which seems to not be recommended. The sale page for this one says it works with linux though. Could I get away with this one? https://www.amazon
  4. Lets say the above is true and not using the 2nd pci controller will fix my issue. Supposing I have disks 1-5, plus 2 parity. I want to remove disk 5 from that share (and probably the computer and just return the controller card). Whats the best way to do that without messing up parity or losing data? If I go to "Main" and browse disk 5, it doesn't show any files or folders on that drive. I also looked at it with midnight commander in /mnt/disk5 and it also shows nothing there. Can I go into my shares, tell it to exclude disk 5, and then pull it without breaking anything?
  5. I have no PCIe slots left, or I would. I had to remove my graphics card to install a NIC. Like I said in earlier posts, very old hardware I am trying to put to better use. I have, I think, only one drive on the 2nd PCI controller. So maybe if I remove that drive from the array and just use that drive with unassigned devices performance for that share with the rest of the drives would improve?
  6. My hardware is pretty old so I am aware that bottlenecks are here, but I was getting a transfer rate of about 30MB\s. I added two WD Red 4tb drives that I picked up a couple of days ago. The parity check finished earlier this morning so I started moving more files over, but now I am getting a transfer rate of about 15Mb\s. In addition to the drives I also had to add in this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PD9QYRN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is the second such card I have. I have been using this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08CHBM29K/ref=ppx_
  7. Ok. I am on 6.8.3. Min setting for cache is currently 2000000. There is no Kb, MB, GB or anything. Just the number. Not sure what would be best for me to set it at.
  8. Min free space for the share is at 0kb. I can't find that setting for just the cache drive. I only see "Warning Disk Utilization Threshold" and "Critical Disk Utilization Threshold". Nothing about Min Free Space. Im going to the "Main" tab and clicking on "Cache" under Cache Devices. Should I be looking somewhere else? The largest files I generally transfer are probably roughly 4gb iso images. Most of what I am moving is 2gb or less. I'm just moving so much at once cache gets filled up fast. Then I have to pause, run mover, then resume the transfer. Or turn cache off for the share.
  9. Hah, I am sure I have all sorts of bottlenecks. I didn't build this with any kind of optimization in mind. I wanted to try something new and had a bunch of fairly old hardware I wanted to put to some use. People give me old systems all the time when I work on their PC's. I'm not at all surprised that it is taking a while. This is going along with an AMD Athalon X64 4000+. Dual core from 2004. I plan to get better hardware but for now this is good enough. I'll try your suggestion of smaller transfers to see how bad the hit is. I can wait. I just didn't want to break anything. Thank
  10. Should have been more clear. I had cache on. I ran mover. I turned cache off. Unraid continued to tell me that the share was unprotected and there was data on the cache. I believe I solved my issue by just doing it a second time. Turned cache back on and again ran mover. It went "green" and was protected after that. So thank you, your advice was correct. I must have just done something out of order or incorrectly the first time. Related question. I notice that when I have cache on -I should note I have only a single 250gb cache drive here- if I move a lot of files to the array and
  11. Yes but I turned it off, still says they are unprotected. Mover isn't moving things off the cache to the array, or something like that. I have a pretty small array compared to a lot of people on here. Just about 10 tb now since I added one more drive. But when I try to move things to the array from my windows pc it errors out saying I don't have enough free space, because the cache is full (I'm assuming there, but I don't know what else to think).
  12. So I am wondering what is going on? I have a few shares, some are green, others have the unprotected warning. The share "Unraid Main" (see screenshot) doesn't even use cache currently because it's just a giant movie collection. How can I fix this? I mean, really I would like to protect all of my shares, if that's possible. In my search I saw that if files are on cache they aren't protected until mover does it's thing, but as noted, not using cache. tower-diagnostics-20210116-0624.zip
  13. Ok. The video I watched said something about there being "active" and "passive" cables I think? I believe he went with passive cables because they were cheap, but those are perhaps limited in how long they should be? Anyway, my ethernet cable is 30' and is exactly the right length, so I am going to revisit this really soon. Again, thank you. These forums and people here are among the best I've experienced.
  14. I just watched SpaceInvader One's video on the SPF+ cards about an hour ago. Looked more like what I want to do for sure. Problem with that is it sounded like the length of the cable could be limiting. The unraid box is 2 rooms away from my router. I don't have many options for moving things around. If the cable is long enough, then I will almost certainly try that sometime soon! In the mean time at least the nic will be a lot better. Good to know I kinda got marketing scammed. Eh. It was only about $10 for 30' so it's probably fine anyway. Another thing to look out for though. I really apprec