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  1. (Update) I understand the switch part although where I'm struggling is the Unraid. When I create VLANs on one of the physical interfaces to create a logical L2 interface the mac address setup in the "edit" portion is on the Palo management interface. I have not added additional interface as I'm still figuring out how to get access to the management. I have even attempted to create an access port and use a non-VLAN interface on the Unraid with no luck.
  2. How would one do VLAN interfaces in Unraid and get the Palo VM to see that as an interface?
  3. Going through the screenshots helped. Thank you. Side note, how do you get the additional graphics/icons to choose from for aesthetics? Thanks again!
  4. Interested in getting a Palo to run on my Unraid instance. Are there any good places to go for a walk through?
  5. UPDATE: Well....appears I shot myself in the foot and there is some kind of dependency for Plex to communicate externally, even when initially NOT allowing remote access, which I was filtering traffic. I corrected the outbound connectivity on my firewall, blew away the container and started from scratch and it was able to see my shares
  6. I am not even given that option (when logging into the Plex GUI for the first time) as it just starts up and only provides me the friend shares along with the Plex provided content. Sometimes I get the "no soup for you" but goes away when I log out and log back in and still no shares.... Add some additional color on my setup, and I've had it working before but running a VM instance of PLEX....I have three VLANs Internet VLAN |
  7. Getting the following when trying to install the Squid plugin: