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  1. Got it, likely need to change that timing then. Thanks!
  2. Which time are you referring to? I'm looking for it to automatically stop the array before powering down but I didn't see any option for that
  3. Is there a way to stop the array before powering Unraid down? I have the auto-shutdown working correctly but the array isn't getting shutdown properly I think (parity check starts when restarted)
  4. I'm trying to configure Radarr currently to hook up to my seedbox for downloading. Radarr is hosted locally on Unraid and I have tested the connection to the Seedbox works as intended. I have added a remote path mapping to handle this external host with "Remote Path" set to the downloads path on the Seedbox and "Local Path" set to where SyncThing will eventually download it to the Unraid server. This gives me a warning saying: Any help would be great!