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  1. Is there any way for Filebot to match from a .nfo file? Here is the use case: Using Jellyfin DVR to record daily shows. Some are new airings, some are repeats. Take "The First 48" for example. Jellyfin downloads an airing and names it "The First 48 2022_08_28_00_03_00.ts". Fillebot using TVDB match will name it "The First 48 Update Special 3" - which is incorrect. Looking at the .nfo file that JellyFin created with the recording - "The First 48 2022_08_28_00_03_00.nfo", I read the episode summary. When I google the episode summary text, I learn that the episode is really S21E46. Is there are way to automate the process above using Filebot to look at the .nfo? Or another way to achieve what I'm trying to do?
  2. Looking for some automation advice. Please don't flame me if this is considered to be in the wrong support forum. If I should post elsewhere just let me know.... I have Unraid working great with Sonarr, SABnzb, Transmission and Plex. For new TV shows it works flawlessly. My challenge is with older episodes of certain shows where there simply aren't sources for some episodes. I tried using Plex Live TV/DVR to capture older episodes that air on TV channels. This didn't work all that well for me, so I now have Jellyfin running and find its DVR works better for me. So now I have random episodes downloading to a separate DVR directory on Unraid (i.e. not my Plex media). The shows download with a Jellyfin-generated file name (e.g. The First 48 2022_08_19_21_00_00.ts). FIlebot seems to ignore the .nfo file and try to rename the file with latest episode of the show (wrong). When I look at the .nfo and google the show summary, I can see that it's S21E16. If I rename the file, run comsklip through Unmanic, and manually put the file into my Plex media correct folder, all works well. Any idea how I could automate this process? Also where should I put manually downloaded files so that Sonarr will see them, update the show, and put into the correct Plex media folder? Thanks all!
  3. Hi, I've had my flavor of the Ultimate Unraid Dashboard 1.6 working fault-free for about a year. Today I noticed that my array growth for day, week, month and year are all showing the same growth number - 55.55GB. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot correctly. Every time in the past I've delved too deep into Grafana, I've ended up breaking things so badly I've had to start again, losing my historical data in the process. Not sure what's gone wrong. Restarted grafana/telegraf to no avail. Any ideas?
  4. Shut down the array and swapped the drive as per documentation (WD Gold 8TB). Rebuild completed without issue. All is good. After 1.5 years on Unraid it was great to see how easy that was when a disk finally failed. Reminds me why I came to Unraid in the first place when I lost a disk in my old JBOD setup. Thanks all for the help.
  5. OK thanks. Do I just pull the drive and replace?
  6. Attached are the extended SMART results ST8000VN004-2M2101_WKD04J51-20220518-0835.txt
  7. Diagnostics attached. Thank you for the assist.
  8. This is the first time I've experienced a drive failure in Unraid. I have a red notification saying Disk in Error State (disk dsbl). There is also a red X next to the drive in Main/Array Devices. I seem to be able to navigate the drive and access files. Should I move the files to another disk, delete the disk from the array, and restart the array down one drive? Or something else. I do not have a replacement drive handy, but there's plenty of space in the rest of the array. Thanks all in advance.
  9. I tried setting type to 4.2, and still no luck. Any other ideas?
  10. Hi, I'm not sure what I changed or when it happened, but my VM fails to start. The log and my xml is attached. I ran the user script, and checked my xml missing device info. Not sure what went wrong.... Any help appreciated. vmlog.txt xml.txt
  11. This seemed to have fixed itself with an updated container today.
  12. Hi, over the last few I've noticed that a Plex transcode activity its taking up all my CPU. There were no watching activities on the server at the time, at least on the file it was running the transcode on. Thinking it might have been an issue with the file, I deleted it from the file system. Then the transcode start on another recently added file. Any ideas on how to stop this? I've attached a screenshot from htop that shows the detail (sorry its a long skinny image, I couldn't figure out a more elegant way to capture it). Thanks!
  13. Thanks. I used New Permissions which seemed to fix the ownership, and then did a chmod 777 which fixed the issue. Re the missing movies, I can now see the folder contents in Krusader. There are a couple of very recent items, but the majority of the media files are gone. Searching for them comes up blank too. Strange.