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  1. I'm having trouble getting the ftp motion trigger to work. There were some people asking a few pages back but nobody answered. 2 problems. 1 is the trigger events and the other is the FTP connection. Problem 1: trigger events not working. I have everything setup correctly but when I add a file into the dropInEvent/groupid/monitorid folder, nothing happens in shinobi. I dont get a trigger on the Camera Problem 2: Aside from problem one, which is being tested by manually dropping a file into the folder, I cant get FTP working. When I do an ftp test to the folder or trigger a
  2. I keep getting notifications that my docker is at 70% usage, and then dropping back to 69% and saying its ok. How can I change it so I'm not notified until Docker usage is at 95%?
  3. Thanks for the input. In regards to this, I keep hearing Appdata Backup != (is not) flash Backup, but why is that? It backs up my entire flash drive to a folder on the array once a week, and then instantly syncs it to my remote computer (With syncthing as mentioned before). Is that not a backup? If my drive fails wouldn't I just take my backup on my remote computer and put it onto a new USB stick? This is the main functionality of this plugin that I'm wondering about but not sure how splitting up my appdata and flash backup duties into 2 separate plugins is supposed to be a good thing
  4. I'm wondering if there is any reason for me to need this plugin? Im wondering because the Appdata backup app is talking about how you should use this for USB backup. But to touch on the 4 things this plugin does: Secure Remote Access I hardly ever need to access my Unraid server directly and when I do, I just visit rdp into my home computer (setup securily with a reverse proxy and guacamole) and open a tab to unraid. Online Flash Backup I'm not sure why I need this because the appdata backup plugin already does this (As well as backing up the appdata folder).
  5. I was wondering if somebody could help me out with a problem with Swag not working on a particular subnet. My network is Vlan 2 (192.168.1.x) where my unraid and Swag lives and I also have vlan 3 (192.168.3.x) where my wifi connections live. So when in on the wan on some public IP, or on my computer on the 192.168.1.x network, which is the same as my unraid and swag containers, everything works fine. When I use my cell phone however, which is on the 192.168.3.x network, I get an error. Something about RFC1918 to public server address rejected. my router is set to allow 100% vlan c
  6. But I want it to land on the 1st day of the month as thats when my users expect slowness and downtime as I run backups. I guess the first Sunday will be the best I can do for now. Maybe a future version of Unraid can add the option for first day
  7. I'm interested in running a parity check every 3 months but cant figure out how to schedule that. Here are the settings in Unraid That's the closest I can get. I select it for March, June, September and December, to start at 00:00 on the first week, but under "day of the week" There is no "first day" option. I only see days of the week like "Monday, Tuesday, etc" and those are always changing for the 1st of the month. With the above settings It seems like it will run it every day during the first week every 3 months (So it will run for 7 days straight). Am I wrong
  8. I was scared to reboot as all my services were still running. I did just now tho and it booted up and everything is fine now. Should I be worried here and transfer over to a new stick? I do have a datatraveller 100 which according to spaceinvaderones video, was the crapiest stick he tested.
  9. So this happened now: I pulled the USB stick out and put it in my windows machine. Windows prompted to "fix" the drive. I selected No and continued anyway and saw all the files. I copied all the files to my hard drive on my windows box. I then unplugged the USB stick and put it back in, this time prompting Windows to "fix" the problem. Windows says no errors found, and I can still see all the files on the drive. But when I plug it into my Unraid server I still get this Flash device error message. Is my USB drive really dead? Its only 3 months old. I didn't think it cou
  10. Ive read and watched a few tutorials on VLans for unraid and its mentioned that you either need a managed switch or use 2 seperate switches. I'm confused as to which scenario applies to me. I have a router (which is considered a managed switch I suppose) with 4 ports: Port 1 leads to a dummy switch which contains my unrraid server and a bunch of computers. These are on Vlan1 (192.168.1.x) Port 4 leads to a POE switch which has a few CCTV cameras on it. I have configured my router to have port 4 on vlan 3 (192.168.3.x) See picture for an easier understanding So now whe
  11. So its advised not to use this anymore for a flash backup.... but how exactly does one restore all the docker images without a flash backup? Arent all the Docker templates stored on the flash drive? Also, just to confirm, even if you had a flash backup, with all your unraid templates, You would still need to manually reinstall/rerun all those templates and this app does not actually backup any docker container files correct? Like for example, I edit a couple files in my jellyfins docker container, to customize the app.......but thats not backed up is it? Just the jellyfin app data fold
  12. You need to configure a capture solver for flaresolverr. As per the git page, there are currently 2 which you can use, but don't work all that great. Edit your flaresolverr Unraid template to look like this: Now take note of this line in the flaresolverr github: So basically it may or may not work. But the error message will be gone now and hopefully the hcaptcha-solver will eventually work and let you in.
  13. I'm also having some trouble with this. I assumed exact pathing would be how youre supposed to do it but typing /mnt/user/files/downloads for exclude doesnt see, to work. I typed just: Downloads And that works.... but I have other "downloads" folders elsewhere on my shares and I don't want to exclude those folders.
  14. Hi. I'm having the same problem. I DO transcode to RAM with Jellyfin. How do I prevent this file from being deleted?