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  1. When will they implement the latest log4j files? Have the latest docker but still on log4j 2.16.0, isnt it 2.17.1 the latest? Sent a PM to them on fb, waiting for accept in their discord but it has gone a week now and no answer or acceptance
  2. So I changed unraid to boot in legacy instead of UEFI, that fixed the warning line. But still have code 43. Windows is in UEFI, maybe it would help to get that in legacy too?
  3. Hi! So Ive had a WIndows 10 VM that worked perfect with gpu passthrough. Then I wanted to change the cpu pinning, did it in gui and that changed my xml. Tried to change it back as good as I could, did not have a copy. Now I have code 43.. Did the multifunction on, changed the pci except function, have vbios etc. Still not working. And yes it worked perfect without code 43 before I did the change Can someone help me? added my vm log
  4. Hi! Im planning to build my first unraid! Going from FreeNAS and a gaming PC. But I dont know what motherboard I should look for? Hardware I will use: Ryzen 5 2600 16GB 2133MHz RAM (Will upgrade to 32GB) GTX 1070 8GB (Maybe 1-2 more PCIe for GPU plex transcode or/and a raid contoller in IT mode) 1xSSD cache 1xSSD Windows VM 4-8 HDDs for NAS I will use the machine for plex server, NAS and a windows vm for gaming (GPU passthrough). Do you have any tip for a good motherboard? Looked at the MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX because it is on sale here. Does it support everything I need?
  5. Hi! Today I have a gaming PC and one server with truenas. Then I read about the awesome unraid, that I can run both my gaming and server on one pc. Is there any cons about this? This is my hardware and I dont bother about high or ultra graphic: (Ill play PUBG, cs go, and most older games) A320M-DS2 Ryzen 5 2600 16Gb 2133mhz 1070 8Gb Would really love to get rid of one physical pc.