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  1. Not that it helps you but I too was having this issue and the latest RC fixed it for me. Sorry that you are still seeing this......
  2. I must say this has been one smooth upgrade. I previously was a victim of the drives not spinning down issue with RC1 so I rolled back to 6.91. That issue is gone with RC2 and everything else works great. Kudos to the Devs!
  3. The thread is pretty long and the issue was reported by many users with sata drives. I am not using SAS drives with my Dell H310. I upgraded to 6.92 and had to revert back to 6.91 earlier this year due to this issue. I don't think the original issue is resolved yet.
  4. I configured it to the tmp path on a totally different nmve drive. Same results. I am going to attach a mp4 file to show what is happening. On a side note....if I am the only one that this is happening to I have no problem blowing away my config and starting fresh. The video was too large to upload.
  5. Not trying to bug you to death but figured the updates might help.....I updates the docker container this morning (staging) and now am unable to get to the webui......looking at the container in unraid advanced mode it once again is filling up the docker img space and starting over - it does this over and over and in the meantime I am unable to load the webui......I assume it is queing up the videos it finds in the initial scan and that is causing the docker img file to max out (it is set to 50 gigs)
  6. No, I have the unmanic tmp path pointing to a tmp folder in the system share. It did not look to me like unmanic was using the tmp folder that I assigned as it was queing up videos to transcode. It was filling up the 50 gig docker file instead of using the tmp folder that I assigned and once it hit that limit it froze and I was unable to open the Web UI.
  7. Hi folks.....coming over from Unmanic. Got it up and running on 2 libraries. I'm still al little fuzzy on the node container being required but it works I would like it to scan the 2 libraries at 2AM M-F. Looking for suggestions on the switches and how I should set them. I have the schedule tab set for 2AM M-F for each library. Wasn't sure about the watch folder option and the ignore schedules option on the main page.
  8. Here are my settings. I was unable to bring up the WEBUI but just changed to the staging branch and it comes up now. It started encoding a file and got to about 3-4% and gave the error (could not update table.... - shown below) I am thinking at this point I could try blowing away the container and starting over with the staging branch......what do you think? The only thing that changed from working great to having these issues was me adding about 25 videos to my movie share and some of them were quite large (25 gigs).
  9. Had a look at Tdarr.....looks interesting......but as you said it does not look like a simple setup. I might have to wait for a Spaceinvader video
  10. Unmanic has ran great until the last few days. I keep getting can't reach page then it will pop up and load and then give me can't reach page again. I renamed the settings.json and the unmanic.db file and started back up with no change. Any suggestion of what I can try next? I am running Version - 0.0.4+d103d6c Some additional info. I noticed that my space used in the container seems very high. My docker img file is set to 50gigs and the unmanic container seems to be hitting that mark. I have some very large mkv movies files pending to encode. Is that causing my issue? I have my tmp folder set to use another folder on the cache drive which is a 2TB ssd. In the docker screen I can see the space used go up to a point and then start over again. It repeats this so I assume it is hitting a space limit. /config/mnt/cache/appdata/unmanic /library/movies/mnt/user/data/media/movies/ /library/tv/mnt/user/data/media/tv/ /tmp/unmanic/mnt/cache/system/tmp/8.41% 40.51GiB / 46.93GiB <-------------------- filling up my docker img allocated space? I have the mapping setup correctly but it doesnt look like unmanic used the space correctly for the tmp folder /tmp/unmanic------>/mnt/plex_data/tmp/ On a side note....I see folks saying the changed the build version of unmanic. Where do I do that at in unraid?
  11. After the update this morning I am unable to get to the login page. My log has this entry. 2021/04/20 06:40:08 Did not find auth-token cookie 2021/04/20 06:40:11 [0;34;49mGET [0;34;49m0[0m [0;36;49m3.446236865s[0m unauthenticated Anyone else seeing this?
  12. Thanks for sharing this. It worked great and I have been trying to get something like up for a while. Signed.....Newb
  13. Greetings friends! After trying several other photo apps Photoview looks like it is the one I am sticking with. My main goal was to try and find an app to replace synology moments and retained my folder structure and included face recognition. IMO Google Picasa was the best one that did that but is now dead. The face recognition with photoview is not bad but is there a way to combine recognized face groups. In other words is ID'ed several groups of my same child and I would like all of those combined into one named group. I see that face recognition is fairly new to the app so was hoping that it would evolve.
  14. After more digging I think I found my problem. Thanks to the file activity plugin which works great (it took a few minutes to populate). I had an open seed in my BT client and was still activate that was nibbling away.......turned off the seeding and it is staying offline now One thing I did learn is if you are going to seed torrents than don't seed them from the array drive shares. I moved my radarr and sonarr DL folders to the cache drive now.