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  1. Do you terminate the docker containers before backing up the folders?
  2. Yep....but mine are only about 5 gigs and I have room to spare on my backup drive.
  3. The way I backup the appdata folder is using the backup/restore appdata plugin and store it in a backup share along with the plex backup and various other backup files. I then backup the backup share instead of the appdata folder with the rsync script.
  4. The way I handle my appdata folder along with plex is back it up to a backup share with appdata backup folders once a week. I do this with other folders that are not really live backup friendly.....that way the script backups a nice clean tar file.
  5. Greetings. I see that Unmanic has a new version so I decided to give it a look. Pretty slick! I have a quick question. I have added "--device=/dev/dri" to use my intel CPU in the extra parameter option. I would also like to limit CPU usage with "--cpus='.5" can I add both and if so how do I separate them? Thanks!
  6. Update. This morning I did a shutdown on the server rather than a reboot. Figured I would try the VM setup again. This time it started normal. Not sure what or why I was having problems before, but my guess is the shutdown seems to have resolved it. Before I would simply restart the server. Thanks again for helping with this. It is much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for helping me. Here is the log. unraid-syslog-20220119-2246.zip
  8. Hi friends. I had 2 existing VM's Windows 10 and Macinabox that were working fine. I haven't used them for months. I recently was trying to install an Ubuntu server VM which I have done so in the past with no issues. No matter what settings I used it would not work, so I tried to run my windows 10 and Macinbox VM's and they too would not work. Looking at the log files for all 3 VM's they end with the same entry that the log below has (qxl_send_events: spice-server bug: guest stopped, ignoring). I have updated to 6.10RC2 since the last time I used VM's...not sure if that is related. I am now unable to add any VM's as I continue to get the same error in the log file. Just looking for something to try. I have rebooted the server and deleted the libvert.img file which deleted my 2 existing VM's. LOG -smp 2,sockets=1,dies=1,cores=1,threads=2 \ -uuid f8fe7cd9-363a-83bb-5c25-481cd180cd51 \ -no-user-config \ -nodefaults \ -chardev socket,id=charmonitor,fd=35,server=on,wait=off \ -mon chardev=charmonitor,id=monitor,mode=control \ -rtc base=utc,driftfix=slew \ -global kvm-pit.lost_tick_policy=delay \ -no-hpet \ -no-shutdown \ -boot strict=on \ -device pcie-root-port,port=0x10,chassis=1,id=pci.1,bus=pcie.0,multifunction=on,addr=0x2 \ -device pcie-root-port,port=0x11,chassis=2,id=pci.2,bus=pcie.0,addr=0x2.0x1 \ -device pcie-root-port,port=0x12,chassis=3,id=pci.3,bus=pcie.0,addr=0x2.0x2 \ -device pcie-root-port,port=0x13,chassis=4,id=pci.4,bus=pcie.0,addr=0x2.0x3 \ -device pcie-root-port,port=0x14,chassis=5,id=pci.5,bus=pcie.0,addr=0x2.0x4 \ -device qemu-xhci,p2=15,p3=15,id=usb,bus=pcie.0,addr=0x7 \ -device virtio-serial-pci,id=virtio-serial0,bus=pci.2,addr=0x0 \ -blockdev '{"driver":"file","filename":"/mnt/user/domains/Ubuntu/vdisk1.img","node-name":"libvirt-2-storage","cache":{"direct":false,"no-flush":false},"auto-read-only":true,"discard":"unmap"}' \ -blockdev '{"node-name":"libvirt-2-format","read-only":false,"cache":{"direct":false,"no-flush":false},"driver":"raw","file":"libvirt-2-storage"}' \ -device virtio-blk-pci,bus=pci.3,addr=0x0,drive=libvirt-2-format,id=virtio-disk2,bootindex=1,write-cache=on \ -blockdev '{"driver":"file","filename":"/mnt/user/isos/ubuntu-20.04.3-live-server-amd64.iso","node-name":"libvirt-1-storage","auto-read-only":true,"discard":"unmap"}' \ -blockdev '{"node-name":"libvirt-1-format","read-only":true,"driver":"raw","file":"libvirt-1-storage"}' \ -device ide-cd,bus=ide.0,drive=libvirt-1-format,id=sata0-0-0,bootindex=2 \ -netdev tap,fd=37,id=hostnet0 \ -device virtio-net,netdev=hostnet0,id=net0,mac=52:54:00:87:42:04,bus=pci.1,addr=0x0 \ -chardev pty,id=charserial0 \ -device isa-serial,chardev=charserial0,id=serial0 \ -chardev socket,id=charchannel0,fd=38,server=on,wait=off \ -device virtserialport,bus=virtio-serial0.0,nr=1,chardev=charchannel0,id=channel0,name=org.qemu.guest_agent.0 \ -device usb-tablet,id=input0,bus=usb.0,port=1 \ -audiodev id=audio1,driver=none \ -vnc,websocket=5700,audiodev=audio1 \ -k en-us \ -device qxl-vga,id=video0,ram_size=67108864,vram_size=67108864,vram64_size_mb=0,vgamem_mb=16,max_outputs=1,bus=pcie.0,addr=0x1 \ -device virtio-balloon-pci,id=balloon0,bus=pci.4,addr=0x0 \ -sandbox on,obsolete=deny,elevateprivileges=deny,spawn=deny,resourcecontrol=deny \ -msg timestamp=on char device redirected to /dev/pts/0 (label charserial0) qxl_send_events: spice-server bug: guest stopped, ignoring
  9. Did you ever figure this out? I had 2 VM's that I used from time to time and both of them are giving me the same error. I am also not able to create a new VM (ubuntu server) as it gives the same error in the log file.
  10. Hi friends. I purchased a server from the state via a govdeals auction. It is 2010 hardware with an I3 intel but looks to be never used. I had to clear the MB bios to enter the CMOS setup but now I am stuck again. It has a 3ware Internal 9750-8i LSI raid controller and it is asking for the PW to setup my drives. I tried the default '3ware' with no luck. There are several pins on the bottom of the card and am thinking that I should be able to reset the card to default but not sure which pins to jumper. Looking for someone that may be able to help. Here is a pic of the card.
  11. Just finished...took about 2 hours. Everything looks good! Thanks a million for the help!
  12. It is rebalancing now. Looks like it will take a little while. I am at 63% left and slowly incrementing with 360 gigs to deal with. Fingers crossed