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  1. I think that when you change the UDP port you have to delete the entry and make a new UDP port with the new port number.
  2. Sounds like your port 7777 isn't configured correctly somewhere, preventing external connections.
  3. I would make sure you know what ports are currently open and what service is attached to them. Don't open ports for things you don't intend to use/connect to externally. If you're not using RCON you shouldn't have to open port 27020. As an example for the RCON I'm hosting a Left 4 Dead 2 server, but I don't use the RCON externally. If I need to use it I would remote into the Unraid machine and send it RCON commands through the terminal, so the only port that needs to be exposed is the SSH connection to the machine. 27015 is common for steam services and I believe its used to broadcast the connection to the server on steam, but shouldn't break it if it isn't configured right. 7777 looks like the main gameport, so I would start your troubleshooting there. Hopefully my two cents helps more than hurting
  4. Yup! I was just backing up the save files which took forever to transfer through Windows, I removed the entry for the RCON because I don't use it and now everything works correctly. Sorry for the confusion
  5. Running Unraid 6.10.0-rc2 I just realized there was a port conflict... Wish the error message would just tell me that instead of just generic execution error.
  6. Having it as "yes" means it will write new files to your cache, but then migrate them to the array when the mover is invoked. Having it as "prefer" means it will keep files saved in the cache, unless those files are too big to be saved there. Using "prefer" is safer than using "only" in this case as it prevents you from accidentally filling the cache drive entirely. Also can I run multiple docker containers at the same time using the same SteamCMD installation? I'm currently hosting a Project Zomboid server for me and my friends to play on, and also a Left 4 Dead 2 server so we can play versus with addons after Valve removed addons from their dedicated servers in the versus game mode (and also because the game is a masterpiece). Whenever I go to launch one while the other is running there is an execution error. Is there an easy fix? I don't mind running one at a time because I doubt we will want to play both at the same time, its just a small pain having to remote into the server while I'm at home gaming. Thanks @ich777 for the constant support and regular updates, you've really made my experience using Unraid.
  7. I've just started a l4d2 server for me and my friends to play versus with addons and everything seems to be working right. Some troubleshooting things I did was under startup parameters I put "-netconport 9000" so that I can use "telnet DOCKERLOCALIPHERE 9000" to access a terminal without relying on the logs. From there I can use commands like "status" and "map c2m1_highway versus" to change maps and gamemode. You can also view set variables and things there with the help command. I'm not sure how you've configured the server but there are some older guides in the Steam community that still worked for me. Hope this helps a little
  8. Finally fixed!!! I was using Q35 because in earlier testing it had better results for some USB compatibility for some point of sale features like barcode scanners and printers. I switched to i440fx after noticing in the event viewer that there were errors in the update connecting to the internet upon restart to download updates. Was thinking of maybe switching BIOS but switched to the different machine, and it worked. Not sure if using this in combo with the new machine helped, but previous attempts using this with Q35 resulted in the same failure to update upon restart. Thanks for the help with troubleshooting though!
  9. Ok, thanks! I'll see if it happens. On a bit of a time limit, the current POS we use is no longer supported, so I'm trying to see if i can save my parents some money on a new POS. It sucks because we paid a pretty penny for the software just two years ago and now their payment processing isn't being updated.
  10. Can someone make a docker container for opensourcepos? Github Repo. I'm looking into using it for my family's small business, but I'm not familiar with using docker to install it. It would also be a little more convenient to have a container for it so my parents who know little about computers can easily start/troubleshoot it. Thanks in advance!
  11. @ich777Its not really a game server, but I'm not sure if there's a better thread to request it. Can you make a docker container for opensourcepos? Their github repo. I'm looking into using it for my family's small business, but I'm not familiar with using docker to install it. It would also be a little more convenient to have a container for it so my parents who know little about computers can easily start/troubleshoot it. Thanks in advance!
  12. What version of the networking software do you have? I'm currently running on 6.1.71, and was on 6.1.70 when I got it to work. It seemed like just trying again the next day worked for whatever reason, let us know if you can get it to work in the next ~24 hrs.
  13. To prevent this in the future you can use a dynamic DNS server to sort of work around changing IPs without paying for a static IP. Spaceinvader One has a good video on how to setup one using Duck DNS here ->
  14. Same weird thing, tried again today and it works! Not sure why lol.
  15. Just setting up unraid 6.9 and am using the UDMPro, I am getting the same initial error message when provisioning the certificate. I saw the workaround using PiHole but I also am not using it. Any idea what fixed it for you? The UDM is on version 1.9.2 and network version 6.1.70.
  16. **FIXED** I had to log into my Comcast modem/router and forward the ports from there to my Ubiquiti router. From there I forward the ports to my Unraid server, and finally to the docker. I had to log into the Comcast gateway from my phone, and just cut out the LTE fail over, but its working!
  17. Still nothing fixed. "Failed to install on ‎3/‎19/‎2021 - 0xc1900101" is the latest attempt, other than that it just says 'Requires a restart to finish installing". I've been telling it to update and restart on nights I turn the computer off, but still have to force stop the VM in the morning and restart it to get it to work.
  18. This is what I'm working with. Would there be an issue where I have to connect to the Comcast business gateway and forward ports from there to my router? My router should be routing the ports directly to my unraid server. Is there a way to tell if the connections are going through?
  19. The issue is connections externally. If I'm using a computer within the local network at work, it works, but I can't connect to it from my house and neither can any of my friends. This is the network setup at my business, I'm not sure whats causing the issues, and I'm pretty sure the server is working as intended.
  20. This is what I have forwarded I've updated to all the optional ports to be safe now as well. This is what the docker looks like for ports. Would changing the network to host fix?
  21. Posting the XML view of your VMs might give better information to help find a solution to your problem. You can view that when you edit your VM, in the top right is a button to switch between the views. Other than that I'm not sure, sorry.
  22. I am trying to setup a TeamSpeak3 server using the docker and didn't know if anyone can help me with networking it. I can't get anyone outside of my local network to connect. This is a server that I have at my family's business, so for hardware we have the Comcast business gateway plugged into the cable for 2 phone lines and internet connection. From there we have a cradlepoint LTE fail over plugged into a LAN port on the gateway. After that we have a UniFI Dream Machine Pro for our local network (definitely more reliable than the Comcast crap) plugged in after the fail over so we have uninterrupted internet connection. We have 2 computers(one is a VM on the unraid server), the unraid server, and a printer on the 8 port switch on the UDM. The TS3 server is running on a docker on the unraid server, and I can connect to it using the TS3 client on either of the computers. I have port forwarded the correct ports within the ui for the UDM. Would either the cradlepoint fail over, or the Comcast business gateway mess with incoming connections? Unfortunately I don't have access to the cradlepoint and plan on replacing it eventually, but I might be able to access the Comcast business gateway if i directly connect to it through the default gateway. Thanks for any help!
  23. After about 6 hours of troubleshooting this is the solution that ended up working for me today. I've edited the lanmanWorkstation parameters multiple times in my journey, but none of them worked. Not sure why editing it under CurrentControlSet didn't come up earlier.
  24. My parents own a small business so I am the one in charge of maintaining the computers. In the office I setup a 2TB file server with a windows VM for a workstation that my mom can use to pay bills, read emails, etc... For whatever reason the last update for windows isn't installing properly. The only error I get when reviewing the update history within windows is "Failed to install on ‎2/‎13/‎2021 - 0xc1900101". I have since increased the size of the VDisk to allow for more space for it to install, currently have 67GB free. I also cleared out C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution thinking that maybe that could help fix the error. I have also tried to install the update while running only on core zero. What usually happens is the computer will take 1-2 hours to download and install the update, then will post a notification that a restart is needed to finish installing the update. Because this VM is required to stay on to keep the Point of Sale running we cannot stop it during business hours. This results in us usually telling it to restart when we leave at night and returning the next day to see the errors. Last week I stayed late to try and fix the error and used the techniques I described in the first paragraph. What seems to happen every time is that windows will successfully install the update, but then when the power cycles on the VM it won't restart correctly. Usually my mom has to force stop the VM in the morning and restart it and it works fine, but the update hasn't been processed. While restarting it doesn't appear to boot into windows, only displaying the startup icon, and has one core constantly at %100. This issue isn't too serious; we can still run and operate normally but I would like to update so windows will take the threat of just restarting our computer on a whim to install the update away. Thanks for any help!