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  1. The loop described in the previous posts also just happened on my system.
  2. I used the Unraid terminal to change to the correct directory then used the nano text editor to update the file.
  3. Strange that it's suddenly happened across a number of different containers?
  4. I am experiencing this issue with the glances, netdata, Dozzle, deconz and zigbee2mqtt docker containers.
  5. There was an update to the Container over the last day...this appears to have resolved the issue.
  6. Same docker container - I'm getting exactly the same error when trying to use it.
  7. I'm using the same one. The error persisted after I downgraded to 6.9.2 but I managed to fix it by running a CHMOD command on the executable that was referred to in the error message that I found by Googling: chmod u+x /home/duplicacy/.duplicacy-web/bin/duplicacy_linux_x64_2.7.2
  8. Having similar issues this end. Duplicacy won't backup and generates a 'permission denied' error. Back to 6.9.2 for me. EDIT: Ran the New Safe Permissions (including the one for Docker containers) but this didn't fix the issue.
  9. I think you should be using a zero (0) rather than the letter 'O' when you're typing ttyACM0?
  10. Hi everyone Is it correct that using 'localhost:<port number>' in an IP address in a WebUI for a Docker container will only work if you are connecting to another Docker container if (a) both containers are being routed through the DelugeVPN docker container; or (b) both containers are not being routed through the DelugeVPN (or any other) Docker container? Also, if one container is being routed through the DelugeVPN docker container........and another is using the privoxy functionality of the DelugeVPN container...then will localhost work here.....and, if not, does that mean you won't be able to connect the two together (as I understand you now need to use 'localhost' rather than an IP address as a result of the changes to the new container?) Thanks in advance.