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  1. Thank you very much for the workaround! For anyone else with this issue, if your existing cache drive filesystem is different than what you want the new drive to be, make note of your existing filesystem before starting. Then after assigning your new drive to the cache, go into the properties to select the filesystem you want (make sure cache slots are set to 1 to allow changing the filesystem). After formatting and assigning your original cache drive back, you will need to go into its properties and re-select your previous filesystem.
  2. Did you ever find a way to do this? I have a drive that I would like to use with UD and would like it to be encrypted like the other disks in my array. Is my only option to add it to the array, format it xfs encrypted and then shrink the array and rebuild parity?
  3. I'm running the latest 2.2.6 version of your plugin. As an FYI for anyone else trying to exclude sub directories using the suggestions at That comment would suggest the following format to add to the User defined options box: -a '-noleaf \( -name "logs" -prune -o -name "temp" -prune \) -o -print' However the only way I could get cache_dirs to start was using: -a \'-noleaf \( -name logs -prune -o -name temp -prune \) -o -print\' That said, I was trying to watch my lsof output while it was initially running and it still seemed to scan my logs and temp directories, so your mileage may vary.
  4. Thanks for the work in getting this on Unraid. Just got it set up with a free Duo account. Issues I had that may be useful for others in the future include that I had to use IP addresses for my 2 Win10 boxes, hostnames would not work. And for one of my Win10 machines, I had to modify the registry key \HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\SecurityLayer and set it to 1 (it was set to 2). The other machine was already set to 1.
  5. I just ran the latest update from inside the GUI and now my flash drive won't boot. Have tried make bootable in my windows machine twice but it still won't get recognized as a proper boot device. Did something break with this update?
  6. I'm having the exact same issue with the files created and downloaded by Deluge, did you manage to fix this at all? Having to run newperms all the time is a tad bit annoying.
  7. Ah, ya I forgot my GUI was updated at some point with a fancy green/black skin. Maybe it's the reason the share settings don't show up for me on the disk info page. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it out.
  8. I'm running 5.0-rc16b. I've added in a new disk to my array and all seems to be working fine. However my shares now list a new disk share for the new drive. Previously all disk shares had been disabled. With the current release though, when I click on a disk from the main gui page, I don't see any option to turn on/off the share. All I see are the following: Partition 1 size: 3907018532 KB (K=1024) Partition format: GPT: 4K-aligned File sytem type: reiserfs Spin down delay: Default How can I disable this disk share to continue just using my user shares?
  9. I just solved this by editing my phpVirtualBox config.php and enabling the $consoleHost variable and setting it to my unRaid IP.
  10. Thanks for writing this, I'm looking forward to getting it installed and trying it out. Just found an issue with the plugin though. You are grepping for "Most current version" to get the version number, but on you've left in those words for 4.2.14, so the plugin isn't getting it right in order to build the filenames for download.
  11. After a $15 rebate, but still a pretty good deal. $35 if shopping on the US site.