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  1. If you are also running too many in parallel can slow down the plotting process. A 1tb ssd can do about 3 in parallel (4 if you time it right) if you have the RAM to accompany it. This is providing you are using the drive solely for plotting.
  2. Yeah if you restart the container you will lose what you have currently done. Phase 1 & phase 3 take the longest time, the others are quicker. Nothing will be written to the array until the very end. Everything prior is reading/writing to the SSD. Is your cpu doing anything else intensive? As that can really slow down the process. Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
  3. Are you guys are giving it enough time to complete the plotting process? A k32 plot can be done by one expert we know in just under 4 hours, but most experts are creating plots in 5 hours and most folks average around 9-12 hours. Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
  4. You can use the command below to show your mnemonic phrase. docker exec -it chia venv/bin/chia keys show --show-mnemonic-seed
  5. This is normally caused by the container still having an active network connection. Usually caused by not stopping a container before removal. docker network disconnect <network name> <container name> That command should kill any active connections. Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
  6. Can you post the output please? Also from memory, I think that the wallet needs to be fully synced with the chia network before it displays anything. Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
  7. Needs to be the other way round. Plotting is your temporary storage, which should be your ssd & your plots are where the final files are stored, this is for your HDD. This command will show you your wallet. docker exec -it chia venv/bin/chia wallet show Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
  8. This is how I monitor my farm. If you guys install the nerd pack from community applications, then navigate to nerd pack under settings, install tmux. Now launch the unraid terminal & run tmux, then you can have multiple (tabbed) terminal windows in one window. I have 1 tab per plot & can jump around them as needed. Also you can close the terminal window & relaunch your session by running tmux again from the terminal. Also works across different devices or applications, so you can ssh in from your phone or putty etc & just run tmux again & you wi
  9. I managed to get mine working again by hashing out those values from your log & replacing the first one with the tls.skip_verify value below & adding true or false depending on your setup. #trusted_cert: "" #disable_verify_cert: tls.skip_verify: Hope this helps