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  1. Since I'm not using Raid in QNAP, I can simply install the drives as unassigned and copy them directly. QNAP uses linux file system so it should be possible.
  2. Thanks for the clarification, I'm new to Unraid 😊
  3. Here is my plan - 1. Create an array without a parity and add the new 14 TB as a data drive. 2. Copy the files from an existing drive, let's say HDD1, to the 14 TB drive. 3. Add the HDD1 to the array and format as a data drive. 4. Copy the HDD1's data from the 14 TB back to HDD1. 5. Repeat the process with the other drives. 6. Eventully, after assigning all the drives and transferring all the data to them, set the 14 TB as a parity + add the SSD as a cache. How does that sound? Would it work without damaging the drives or files? Is there a better approach? Please advice Thanks
  4. Yes, I have. Most of the data is just media (bluray and dvd)
  5. 12 TB drive - 4.87 TB free 10 TB drive - 3.91 TB free 8 TB drive - 400 GB free 6 TB drive - 370GB free
  6. Hi, I have 4 drives in QNAP NAS that are configured as single disks (no raid) in the following sizes - 12TB. 10TB, 8TB, 6TB. The total space used is 23TB. What is the best way to move the drives and all their data to a new unraid build? I purchased another 14TB to be used as a parity, and 500GB SSD for cache.