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  1. Currently I have my main rig as my "full node" and will be creating pooled plots on it and transferring them to unassigned devices on the server. I've heard the Chia network doesn't like multiple full nodes under the same internet IP address, so when all of the plots are finished, I want to install the docker container and have the server acting as the "full node" and able to farm to a pool on its own (and plot if necessary). Ideally I want to be able to check the balance using the wallet from my main PC (or possibly other PCs) with the server being the "master node" on the network. Can we also configure where the docker stores the Chia blockchain when running a full node? I don't want it eating up all the space on my cache drive after a few years, so I want to store the blockchain somewhere on the unraid array.
  2. Thank you @ich777 for your work on docker servers so far. If you're feeling up to the task, there is a game called Space Engineers that's been out for quite a few years now. As it stands, it is a Windows-only game with its own Windows-only server software that runs through steamCMD. Many have tried, and as of this post, I believe there are a couple of working dockers out there for the base SE server. However, SE is a game like Minecraft; there exists a custom style of server called Torch, which has been challenged by many in getting a working Docker container up and running. Running a non-Torch SE server is like running Skyrim or Minecraft without mods (even OptiFine). Torch has a plugins system with numerous quality of life and functionality-improving features. There have been a few functional Torch-based dockers in the past, and about a year ago I tried all of them to no success - they had all broken with time. If you could get a linux or unraid-friendly docker for SE working, especially a Torch server, I know it would be greatly appreciated by a community of players. Both SE and the Torch guys have their own Discord servers with linux-specific sections that probably have lots of people eager to help.