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  1. did a fresh install and the mac as an imac 14.2 and it works great with the quadro k600! thanks! now i have to figure out how to get rid of that boot screen at the start, so it boots right away...
  2. MacOS already thinks its a macpro 15.1, should i switch that to a imac 14.2?
  3. i tried vnc and gpu secound at first, then only gpu, then vnc and gpu again, then only vnc (had to fix bus in xml to get it working again)
  4. So i installed bigsur and it works as it should, with vnc. When i add my quadro K600, which should be supported, it boots until i come to the login screen but i only can see the background and nothing else... nothing to actually login... keyboard works on boot... any idea what the problem is?
  5. same here, i've got two quadro 600 and a quadro 4000 and didnt get any of them to work... so i bought a used K600 for macOS VM (didnt try that yet), but the K600 worked instantly in windows VM without changing any settings... as the K600 worked, i tried the non k 600 in that windows and couldnt find any setting for it to work.... but one 600 worked some weeks ago when i tried unraid for the first time in an existing windows with a passedthrough ssd.... i dont know what was different on that, because it was also a windows without any drivers
  6. Do you have any solution to this problem? Got the same problem with pretty much any gpu... but it worked two weeks ago, but not anymore... using Quadro 600 and 4000 and got exactly the same problem