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  1. Couldn't find a fix, downgraded to 6.8.2 and the issue is gone.
  2. I didn't find an Intel firmware update for the card. I read on a forum that the firmware is now loaded automatically by the driver, but I don't know how true that is. Dell has a firmware update available for the card, however running the update says my system is not compatible. I don't know how to check in bash but my card may be a Dell card, in which case the Intel firmware probably wouldn't work, but then the Dell firmware should.
  3. driver: ixgbe version: 5.10.28-Unraid firmware-version: 0x800007f9, 16.5.20 expansion-rom-version: bus-info: 0000:07:00.0 supports-statistics: yes supports-test: yes supports-eeprom-access: yes supports-register-dump: yes supports-priv-flags: yes Looks like the firmware version is different.
  4. It seems like the link is up after a while but the log spam is still there. Are you getting messages in the log?
  5. I've been trying to passthrough a Quadro 2000 to a VM but it's not worked so far. I followed all of Spaceinvader One's videos on gpu passthrough. I have both the gpu and soundcard pci devices on vfio-pci. They're on the same port and bus as a multifunction card in the VM config. I dumped the vbios and tried with and without it. Starting either a Windows 10 or Ubuntu VM with the gpu attached as the only video card gives no output and freezes the console which is on another video card until reboot. The only thing I see in the log is: Apr 13 02:18:
  6. Upgraded from 6.8.2 to 6.9.2 and my 10gb nic no longer works. In the log ixgbe is spamming errors: Apr 13 01:56:35 unraidserver kernel: ixgbe 0000:07:00.0: Warning firmware error detected FWSM: 0x00000000 Apr 13 01:56:36 unraidserver kernel: ixgbe 0000:07:00.1: Warning firmware error detected FWSM: 0x00000000 The nic was working prior to the upgrade. It's an Intel X520-T2 but is reported through lspci as an 82599 (which shouldn't matter).
  7. Is there a way to export a csv (or something similar) after benchmarking everything?
  8. Has anyone with the GA-7PESH2 motherboard gotten it to sleep properly? I switched from an Intel s2600cp2j and everything seems to be working except sleep. I do not see any option for ACPI suspend in bios which makes me think I might not be able to do anything with it. When I hit sleep it just goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor and I can make it "resume" by spamming WoL packets and waiting. I'd rather not have to switch back but it's looking like my options are none.
  9. Well it was the OS watchdog timer in bios
  10. It has no problem staying on in BIOS, so I'm fairly sure the problem is unRAID
  11. Replaced the USB, so that isn't the problem
  12. My server has been randomly crashing shortly after boot and I can't see anything in the logs. The only thing I can think of is the sketchy usb cable I cobbled together. FCPsyslog_tail.txt
  13. A couple of times before today my VMs list has appeared empty, but today I realized the problem may be bigger than that. Last night I backed up my libvirt.img to a share and that will not work either. Upon reboot, any libvirt.img on the system (including a libvirt.img.bak) is basically wiped. There doesn't appear to be any errors when the image is mounted, so what is going on here?
  14. Well some combination of variables and it is working. I used a OVMF and i440fx-2.10 and set everything up on the GPU instead of using VNC, and installed drivers from the NVIDIA site (390.65) instead of through device manager, which I had been doing.
  15. On trying to create an admin account via the owncloud webui I get: "Error while trying to create admin user: An exception occurred while executing 'ALTER TABLE oc_calendarsubscriptions CHANGE `lastmodified` lastmodified INT UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL NOT NULL': SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1067 Invalid default value for 'lastmodified' " Is this a problem with my configuration of MariaDB?