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  1. On mine the settings are just called "modbus" and there is another one for modbus address. Modbus tcp might indeed be wrong. Maybe your ups model number can help others.
  2. Well, did you enable modbus on the ups itself? I also did a firmware update on the ups with the apc software. Maybe thats needed. i have a apc smt750i and it works with the normal usb cable and modbus. You also have to disable and enable the ups deamon after changing that setting.
  3. Cant help you with the network. But if you set the USB Type to ModBus, you also get power readings. You have to enabled ModBus on the UPS itself too, its in some sub menu.
  4. Yup, same here (again) Uninstalled this after first having spin up problems (@squid linked my thread on page 18) Then reinstalled after it was fixed. Now its broken again. I´ll just stay away from this plugin until it isnt in beta anymore. But thats what beta is for, so all good.
  5. YES! That might actually be it for me too. Was wondering which app i updated that caused this, and i guess it was my servers... Uninstall it is Even made another thread...
  6. Hey, im really confused. I have read that 6.9.2 has some spindown problems, but it used to work fine all the time from 6.9.2 release until now. Disk 1 (literally 100% empty) wont spin down at all. When i click spindown, it takes about 10 seconds and then it spins back up. Log shows this every time: Jun 9 19:23:44 Unraid emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdd Jun 9 19:23:53 Unraid emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd Same thing happens with Disk 3, but 2 and 4 are fine and spin down normally. Why would spindown trigger smart? Is it really this "stupid"? Do i have to downgrade to 6.9.1? Cause its driving me mad. File activity shows nothing. EDIT: Uninstalled "my servers" after last update ruined it, problem fixed. Wasnt 6.9.2´s fault after all.