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  1. And ad a link in the plugin description 😉
  2. That's the old, deprecated plugin. You should uninstall it and install this new one, named "Appdata Backup" in Community Applications.
  3. Pretty please, remove the forced notification. There's no way to block it.
  4. I just created a new script with: #!/bin/bash docker exec binhex-krusader curl -s And I get the output: { "userId": 1, "id": 1, "title": "delectus aut autem", "completed": false } Does that not work for you?
  5. docker exec <container> curl -s <url>
  6. You didn't read the comment correctly. @itimpi explained that it's not an issue with SMB itself, but rather how your Unraid system is configured (settings unrelated to SMB): mainly if Turbo Write is enabled or not. In addition to that it's due to how the main array and parity works in Unraid (compared to e.g. RAID) which doesn't really allow for super high write speeds (especially with Turbo Write disabled).
  7. I second this feature request. The easiest way to do it currently is by restarting the Docker service, which is far from ideal.
  8. Something like this would make more sense, IMO:
  9. Thanks for a great plugin. I would love to have a global exclude, like the old plugin. In that one, I had e.g.: .cache,.caches,*.log,*.log.*,*.tmp,cache,Cache,caches,Caches Although, since the exclude paths need to be absolute now, why have them per container anyway? I feel like it would be easier to maintain excludes in a single place. Or am I missing something?
  10. I'd argue using an Unraid plugin is easier and more maintainable than the manual method. `un-get install tcpdump` is pretty simple and `un-get upgrade` is extremely useful. Besides, you didn't even mention where to download the package so that's not particularly helpful.
  11. If they need it now, this is a fast way to get it (and many other packages not available in NerdTools). I'm not sure what you're taking issue with.
  12. You can install it via un-get.
  13. If you use the official Unraid USB backup, it's already a git repo.