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  1. Doesn't it come default with Unraid? Otherwise I don't know why I have it: $ which jq /usr/bin/jq $ jq --version jq-1.6
  2. All my containers are on the bridge network, except binhex-plexpass which is on host.
  3. Hi, I've had a few (infrequent) kernel panics and I'm wondering what might be the cause. Here's a photo of what it said on screen when it happened just now: I've successfully completed Memtest twice, first during initial build in early '21 and again after adding more RAM a few months ago. It's ECC RAM. I've attached my diagnostics. I would appreciate any insight, thanks.
  4. On it says "Go to the community apps plugin page on your unraid server and search for Plex-Utills and click install.". If you search for "Plex-Utills" in CA, nothing comes up. You have to search for "plex utills" without the hyphen. Not sure why.
  5. Right, but why add it to the CA template, is what I'm saying.
  6. Because Unraid adds the TZ variable to all containers by default (based on what you have your timezone set to on http://<SERVER>/Settings/DateTime). @jkirkcaldy How come this template sets a duplicate TZ variable?
  7. ^To fix the font, you can do: .ca_readmore { font-family: unset; } .ca_readmore::before { font-family: FontAwesome; }
  8. I really wish you hadn't removed the Docker Hub integration. I realize the templates were pretty bare-bones but it at least filled out the name, description, repository etc. making it a lot faster than going to the Docker page, manually adding a container and starting with a completely blank template.
  9. The post right above yours is actually me saying a reboot did fix it
  10. Edit folder -> "Add another button" -> "Config type:" "Docker Action" -> "Action:" "Start/Stop/Restart"
  11. The fix was to reboot the server. Who would have thunk it?
  12. It seems that in May, the release notes decided to travel back in time
  13. This is what I did initially, i.e. tried a whole bunch of endpoints with the same result, leading me to believe it wasn't an issue with the endpoints, especially seeing as they all have an online status on the Mullvad website. However, now I tried a bunch again and suddenly one worked. I guess Mullvad has been experiencing some weird issues today. Thanks for your help troubleshooting!
  14. Yup, that's the Mullvad DNS server. I removed it and set NAME_SERVERS to "," but got pretty much the same result. supervisord2.log