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  1. Managed to get the cable changed the weekend, and so far so good. The fact that the errors started to appear fairly quickly after starting the array leads me to think that it's fixed 👍
  2. Me too. A message from 'Clara' who joined two hours ago. Can't see a button to block the user, or report them.
  3. Use code LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT Works for my UK account £94.99 - 25% = £71.24 May work for other regions?
  4. Thank you. I shall swap it over and try to remember to report back in a couple of days just to confirm cause.
  5. As per the title. I notice that there are a couple of entries in the log file which indicate the same sector (CRC failure) - so I could logically guess that it might be the disk failing, or, that as the interface has auto-slowed to 1.5 Gbps fro 6.0 Gbps without any errors past that point in time, so there's an interface / cabling issue. Of course it's possible that unraid has downgraded the interface speed and coincidentally there are no reads to the failing sectors after. Grateful for any pointers.
  6. Ever get anywhere with this? I'm at the same point and not savvy with Linux.
  7. Found this topic, somewhat related I think I understand this 'pty' thing being a fake terminal. I looked in the processes and appear to have up to number 7 listed already, which is presumably why my attempt generates 'pty8' in the log. Is this number of them normal? Is there a limit? When I've finished with the terminal I usually just close the window and get a 'Do you want to leave?' dialogue box. Is this the right way to do it, or should I exit the terminal via a command? Am I inadvertently leaving too many pty instances open?
  8. I'm a new user, with very little exposure to Linux. I have a problem with the Web Terminal. The only way I can get around this is to reboot the server. It's a very sporadic problem though. The reason I use the terminal is because I'm getting to grips with the simple tools such as Midnight Commander (very useful). All the information in the log is unRAID login[14988]: ILLEGAL ROOT LOGIN on '/dev/pts/8 At the top of the window, it says login -f root (unRAID) In the window it then says Login incorrect, and then a splash of Connection Closed I've changed the WebGUI password (so it does have one now), but don't see how this might be connected because most of the time the terminal login works, just occasionally doesn't. But trying to troubleshoot, I thought I'd remove the WebGUI password to see if that makes any difference, but I can't see how to set it back to blank (I'm guessing it's editing a config file, but I don't know how). I don't recall if there was a problem before I set a password or not.
  9. Don't you just click in the box and it allows you to browse?
  10. What is your setup as far as wiring goes? Are you currently mac <wifi> router > server? If you're connecting from your mac to the router via cable then we'll have to assume that the router is gigabit. Or when over cable are you ignoring the router and going something like mac > switch > server?