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  1. Way too much stuff on this thread. I restarted my server and now everything is gone from my project zomboid server with the exception of where the player logged out and their inventory.
  2. I updated but now my webUI is saying "There is no screen to be attached matching minecraft." I saw in a previous post binhex said he thought it was browser related. I am getting the error in other browsers. Edit: Solved problem by changing java version from 8 to 16.
  3. How did you fix this? The EULA is already set to true for me and I'm getting the io.netty. . . error
  4. So i've started getting this error about 48 hours ago and can't find a work around. I'm using cloudflare-ddns and using my own domain name instead of just the IP address (found how to do it in a spaceinvader one youtube tutorial) It's been working fine for weeks but now I'm getting this error. If I put in the ip address of my host machine I can connect fine but for people outside of my network that want to connect I can't give them my public IP besides it being an unsafe practice dynamic and not always constant. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. It doesn't seem to be saving anything if I restart my server I have to run the recipe all over again and everything is gone.
  6. Ok just did that the problem I'm having now is everytime i restart the server the txadmin is brand new and makes me run a recipe . . . not sure why nothing is saving. I'm setting it up again in txadmin and maybe it wasn't getting saved since I had the container stopped. Hopefully it will start saving now.
  7. With the FiveM server is there a way to have it automatically start up TxAdmin when the container is started. I'm having to stop the container then run the to have the RP parts of my server running.
  8. I've been looking through this thread and can't find any info on adding mods to the binhex minecraft server. I'm trying to add VR support for one of my friends.
  9. How do I update the artifacts in the docker container. It needs to be updated to have the latest version. The artifacts are at: I'm afraid to mess around too much because I don't want to break the server.
  10. well, I've come home from work and I can't get the server to come back online it was working fine when I left for work today. How do I go about adding the mariadb and myphpadmin container to work with it. I can see in mariadb the database has a lot of entries that are ESX related but still can't get things working right
  11. I managed to get my FiveM server up and running using the info in this thread to get the txadmin set up. I was having issues getting the recipe to run for the base ESX default recipe. I had to add the mariadb docker containers and myphpadmin docker containers. it appears to be saving and working curerntly but it's 6AM and I'm calling it a night if anyone else has set up an ESX roleplaying server I'd like to know how you did it and what issues you encountered. I currently can't figure out how to update txAdmin it says I'm using an outdated version but it works so I guess the annoying red text will just be there for now lol.