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  1. Hi @ljm42, it looks that It looks that things have been fixed by now. I obtain the expected display "Local access" with the green padlock. Thanks
  2. Hello, I updated also both unRaid servers with the latest version of "My Servers" 2021.07.21.2006. We can see them both "Online", but they stil display "Local access" with a red open padlock, and when one click on it we get " 400 Bad Request - The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port - nginx" message. On the other hand, if I connect remotely with my tablet, I get the right display "Remote access" with a green closed padlock and if I click on it I am redirected to the remote web GUI page. Hope this helps. Chris
  3. Good to see that you managed to sign in again.
  4. Hi @shiftylilbastrd, Default are: HTTP port: 80 HTTPS port: 443 Try https://ipaddress:443 as suggested on Good luck.
  5. Unfortunately 19 hours later I am still at I didn't press any button in the "My Severs Flash" section. I PM'd you the latest gitflash.
  6. Hi @ljm42, I am more or less in the same situation than @cycodrama, with flash backup not available on both of my servers. I have and I tried - update - changes - deactivate - reinitialize No success Signed out, uninstall My Servers plugin, reboot, install again the plugin, then sign in, reboot. Still no success I enclose my dignostics file and PM the gitflash file to you. I find strange that I get the same behaviour on both servers. Thansk in advance for your help.
  7. It is now working correctly once I did according to your recommendation. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Hi, I have a transfer ongoing. I will update the app and syslinux.cfg later today and let you know asap. Cheers.
  9. You mean when a new version of unraid (6.9.3 likely) , or a new version of the Intel GPU TOP plugin (coded later than 2021.05.04)? Anyway, I will try the removal with any of the first occurence. By the way, regular GUI boot works while safe GUI boot doesn't; I assume because Intel GPU TOP is not loaded in this later option, but regular one is the only I need to do what I want.
  10. @ich777 I followed your suggestions (- i915.conf + i915.force_probe=4c8a and Intel-GPU-TOP install) that worked in regular GUI boot mode right away. Huge thanks. I am just at the first steps to install rclone, and it seems that one must ask for the token to link the cloud service from a machine running rclone too while running a web browser to obtain the token, and then paste it to the unraid rclone config. During my readings about failing boot GUI mode, I saw somebody else which wanted to install rclone too. I understood, this might be a mandatory step, or eas
  11. Hello to @ich777 and the unraid community. I am new to unraid and just recently built a NAS with an Intel i5-11500 (LGA1200) with UHD Graphics 750. An HDMI monitor is connected to I/O motherboard panel. I run unraid 6.9.2 and start in UEFI mode. Everything runs fine with the "remote web GUI" and using "My unraid server". I'd like to use the boot GUI mode directly on the NAS to obtain a token to link rclone to my cloud. I have gone on the forum through several topics related to failing GUI boot with a blinking cursor on a blank screen. It's a lot of reading and t
  12. Back to normal display after few minutes.
  13. I got the same message, too.
  14. Hello touz, I faced the same problem recently. I store my music on a Synology NAS. Latest DSM 7 beta removed SMB v1, so I did use the Raspberry option. It works well with the Pi 0W I got for free with subscription to a magazine. I set it up with an « admin » on the Pi which access only as read only rights to music folder on the Syno NAS, and no access to other shares. This is the only option I found, except selling my Sonos stuff. I am interested if you find a better option. Since I use it in wifi, It only needs to be connected to the charger. With this very small Pi0W