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  1. I have 2 questions A. Can I connect a blank D2 disk. Format it as XFS / BTRFS / ReiserFS then add it to array and run parity. Will the data from D1 be lost? B. Can I attach D2 disk previously used in another UNRAID server (BTRFS) add to Array and run parity. Will the D2 data be kept? How to modify SHARES?
  2. Adding a new drive to UNRAID My UNRAID server for only 1 D1 disk + 1 DP1 parity disk I want to add an additional D2 data disk. Is it possible to connect the D2 disk with data already on it. Whether the data from D2 will be kept I have no experience with UNRAID. I am afraid that I will lose the data, please give me a detailed instruction.
  3. Moving the license key to a new server? I installed UNRAID on my old S1 server a year ago. Currently, I want to transfer the license to a new S2 computer. On S2, I have installed the trial version UNRAID (The trial ended today). I want to add data from the S1 server to the S2 server and transfer the license I have no experience with UNRAID. I am afraid that I will lose the data, please give me a detailed instruction.
  4. Can you help me? I have read the documentation and don't know how to fix it. What to do to attach disk # 2? I'm not UNRAID proficient
  5. Unexpected shutdown of disk # 2 I don't know why UnRAID disabled disk # 2 I don't know how to turn it back on. Please help I was going to buy a license today. The disks have data written on it, it turns out that disk # 2 is turned off
  6. Is it possible to restore the configuration? My UNRAID has 4 disks 1xHDD 3TB parity disk 2x HDD 3TB data disks 1 SSD There is important data on the disks. Where is the disk configuration data? I copied the config directory from flash?
  7. Today I managed to make a copy of FLASH (damaged) But there is no working copy I can't send because the file is too big
  8. Flash damaged The Unraid server is not running. How to restore the server to work
  9. Is there any method for VMs Windows to read my monitor parameters. I think VMs cannot see the parameters of the real monitor. Therefore, it only allows a selection of standard resolutions. Is it possible to read the actual parameters of the monitor?
  10. I connected using virt-manager. I can't get 2048x1080 resolution on Windows VMs Remmina also has the ability to set the resolution, but this does not allow you to change the image ratio of Windows VMs. It was only possible to fit Linux VMs with xrandr. I still expect help !!!!
  11. I use Remmina I have installed Virtual Machine Manager but cannot connect.
  12. Hi I installed Unraid on my computer Intel® Core ™ i7-10710U CPU @ 1.10GHz RAM 32GB. INTEL graphics card I copied the VM_WIN10.vmdk file from VMWARE I used the SPICE protocol because it works better than VNC. I am using a monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1080. I can not change the resolution of Windows VM to match the monitor. Attached is the xml configuration file. When using Linux VM, I changed the resolution using the xrandr command Please help W10x64spice.xml
  13. What is the best Docker for searching NAS resources? Hi, can you help me? I use 2 UNRAID servers. I have a lot of files stored. Is there any Docker that can help you find a file quickly. Ideally, content could be found