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  1. Just installed your cypht docker, thanks for the app! Add accounts using manual smtp settings, because apparently quick add doesnt support 2fa. All added accounts passed authentication by pressing test. However, i cant seem to see any of my mails. under everything and unread, it all say: You don't have any data sources assigned to this page, and on the top right corner, it also displays: last 6 weeks-0 [email protected] each-0 total. Log shows: An error occured when creating user "USERNAME" and: CRIT Supervisor is running as root. Privileges were not dropped because no user is specified in the config file. If you intend to run as root, you can set user=root in the config file to avoid this message. kindly advice what to do to fix it. Thanks in advance!
  2. i got the same problem. please elaborate! where do i turn disk sharing off?
  3. Thanks! I noticed that this official docker points to version 6 of seafile, and there's a bug preventing intergration of onlyoffice. This bug is fixed in version 8.0.3, and the latest Community Edition version is 9+. is there anyway we can have a docker for the latest CE version?
  4. hi, i just installed the seafile app you uploaded, there's an extra ":" in "seafileltd:/seafile:latest" causing the docker pull to fail. just to bring it to your attention.
  5. hi, i just updated to unraid 6.10 rc3, and since then there's no options when i click an icon.
  6. Thank you so much for this solution! For anyone who's looking for and dont know this yet: You can schedule the script to run everytime the array starts, just add 'sleep 180' before your command in the script, to delay 3 minutes after the boot.
  7. I'm a noob, so i still use notepad. lol Yeah, not a big deal, but it was super convenient. Because as long as the file is saved after any change, the container updates its config.
  8. just checked out the update, fixed config file. everything works properly, except now the container wont auto update when there's a config change. it used to auto update config when any changes are made.
  9. thanks a lot for your tips. i use pihole, so i just add the host names under local dns.
  10. It turns out i still have the same issue: zerotier is not working when i have host access to custom networks enabled.
  11. its cloudflared and zerotier that's not working. will try to change that setting again later, cant stop docker now. Edit: just retried, now everything works just fine. Thanks!
  12. i have and have set it up like in the tutorial, and it works. but now some of my dockers stoped working after enabling host access to custom networks, disabled this and they works again. any idea how to fix this?
  13. Hi ich777, thanks for your hard work! I tried your guide, and setup Prometheus and Prometheus node exporter without any issues. However, when i setup the pihole plugin, and enter my pihole ip and port 80 and api token, and click change and start, it runs for a while and stops automatically. I get the following error: 2021/07/11 01:30:52 Starting HTTP server 2021/07/11 01:31:02 An error has occured during retrieving PI-Hole statistics Get "*****************************************": dial tcp connect: connection refused panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference [signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x40 pc=0x811daa] goroutine 37 [running]: github.com/eko/pihole-exporter/internal/pihole.(*Client).getStatistics(0xc0001663f0, 0xc000042790) /root/prometheus_pihole_exporter/pihole-exporter/internal/pihole/client.go:163 +0x2ea github.com/eko/pihole-exporter/internal/pihole.(*Client).Scrape(0xc0001663f0) /root/prometheus_pihole_exporter/pihole-exporter/internal/pihole/client.go:61 +0x88 created by main.initPiHoleClient /root/prometheus_pihole_exporter/pihole-exporter/main.go:37 +0xc5 is my pihole ip and using port 80 please help, im a newbie to linux and have no idea what these is all about. Thanks again for all your hard work. Edit: NVM, it just worked after i tried again. Maybe i entered the wrong port by mistake. Again, thanks for your hard work! Edit 2: some of my dockers stoped working after enabling host access to custom networks, disabled this and they works again. any idea how to fix this?