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  1. hi,there i want to try to create a custom network with IPV6 docker network create --ipv6 proxy but it did not work it shows this Error response from daemon: could not find an available, non-overlapping IPv6 address pool among the defaults to assign to the network how should i do? please help me,thank you
  2. hi,there UNRAID VERSION: 6.10.3 when i set the docker network type to Bridge,host,custom bond0. the docker has IPV6 address but when i set the network to Custom proxy,it only have IPV4.there is no IPV6 address in the docker i want to know how should i do that i can get the IPV6 address in the proxy network type thank you
  3. hi,i want to know how to set smtp on this docker thank you
  4. thank you. i have solved my problem just change a few settings on the router,the unraid IPV6 address shows normally
  5. my router has dhcp ipv6.all my devices got IPV6 address but unraid servers Technically, the router shows that the unraid server has obtained IPV6. but the UNRAID do not shows that in the network settings
  6. the unraid have IPV6 but the docker network can not get the IPV6 address tower-diagnostics-20220821-1637.zip
  7. hi,there i got a problem about the copy speed,it has only has speed of the NIC speed smb copy speed network settings folder and main page when i tried to copy file to the unraid NVME or SSD .it got the same problem only have 150MB/S tower-diagnostics-20220818-2326.ziptower-diagnostics-20220818-2325.zip
  8. yes,it is strange.when i copy file to the UNRAID. in the main page every drive's speed is 0 kb
  9. and i also got another problem,when i stop all array.add the nvme to the Array Devices.the all docker has been dispeared.how could i recover them
  10. it should be there now tower-diagnostics-20220818-2326.zip tower-diagnostics-20220818-2325.zip