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  1. reboot unraid and then try again, i had same problem in other day and after reboot it worked
  2. was wondering is there any reason why you cant restore only specific containers other then have to restore all from what i see you can exclude the containers you want to backup, but seems that this showed be reverse it would be nice to backup all and then when restore you be able to choose witch ones you want to restore always wonder why isnt this part of the unraid core is there some type of limitations that dont allows us to have this type of feature?
  3. after last update Unassigned Devices 2022.01.02 it shows me more devices to format when they already formated ? duplicated?
  4. ohh i see so maybe the problem that in firsttime i tried i have set has network type HOST grrr
  5. Hi, im using nodered container that works on port: 1880 and i want to have a second instance of the nodered so in apps settings i have enable the allow install of second instance. i have then instaled a second instance and change de port to 1880 to 1889 that is not in use, but it always redirects me to the first instance port 1880, and the port map shows correct, i also tried change in WebUI the port in advanced mode and same it always send me to 1880 my question is if this is some type of bug or if there is another way to fix the problem ?
  6. would be lovely have option for snapshoots like in proxmox