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  1. I'm experiencing consistent hangs of certain parts of the dashboard stats and terminal using RC2 but no corresponding log messages. In fact, there are no log messages for the past 45 mins. It seems to happen anywhere from 10-30 mins after a reboot.
  2. Confirmed: Using the linuxserver container (running on 6.10.0-rc2 and hardware transcoding works (including tone-mapping).
  3. Using the latest intel_gpu_top plugin `2021.07.16` my Intel 11700K shows as `Intel Rocketlake (Gen12)`, but it's a Gen11 ? Is this right?
  4. After a few reboots it seems to have suddenly started working
  5. Everything was working well yesterday but now I can't connect to my server via Tailscale (IP or MagicDNS). I have removed and reinstalled the Docker, cleared the appdata, and re-authed several times. The Tailscale admin shows as connected (and disconnected when I turn off the container or reboot the host machine). In the Docker logs there are a lot of IPV6 errors: 2021/10/15 16:31:19 [unexpected] peerapi listen("REDACTED") error: listen tcp6 [REDACTED]:0: bind: cannot assign requested address Docker Container: `latest` 1.14.6 (but tailscale admin shows 1.16.0 being the actual latest Unraid version: 6.9.2 2021-04-07 Edit: Randomly started working again after just leaving it alone for an few hours.
  6. Ran into the same issue but `unraid-api restart` doesn't resolve it. The flash backup also just says 'loading'. No errors in the log. No browser/console errors. Adblock and such are disabled.