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  1. My Unraid box updated to 6.10.3. Now I am unable to connect to the "time machine" that was working yesterday... I have kept all of the basic settings I even reissued the chown command on the directory that i am using (/mnt/user/timemachine) but I am not able to find the time machine on my mac now. Like others have stated I didn't get it to work in the beginning either. I had to keep messing with it for my mac to discover it. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of the changes I made that finally got it to show up. I can't mount the smb path to it either. I think it was done by IP in the past (based on the time machine backup app saying it couldn't find it). but I've also tried timemachine.local, timemachine, ip/timemachine.local, ip/timemachine, etc. nothing seems to be working for me. Any thoughts?
  2. My question too! I can't get the manual "update" to happen under the maintenance section like I can on my windows VM. I just started using unRaid and was hoping to use the unRaid docker to handle this piece so I can decommission the windows stuff. But my version that I'm currently running is 6.4.54 and I can't restore that backup to the older version. So, though I like the idea, this is currently useless to me without being able to update the unifi controller version in the docker.