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  1. Just a quick followup/update on the state of my installation since I last posted 30+ days ago on April 17. Since reverting all of my docker containers back to Host from br0 I have had no crashes in almost 33 days. However, what I find interesting is that my VM's are using br0 without issue. It makes me think it is not a network issue but rather the way Docker is implemented in 6.9.x. I believe ryanhaver in a previous post hypothesized this idea, but my experience seems to support this assertion. FWIW I'm running 6.9.2 and I'm still looking forward to a fix for this issue as not using br0 for docker containers is a stop gap counter measure, not a real solution.
  2. After upgrading from 6.9.1 to 6.9.2 I took a chance and added back br0 with a static IP on one of my Docker Containers. Less than 24 hrs later I have a hard crash. My syslog for the past 2 days is included with what I believe to be the crash is highlighted in yellow.Apr 16 -17 Crash Log.docx
  3. Just a quick follow-up to my previous post. Its been about a week now since I changed my 2 Docker containers from br0 + static ip to Host and so far no crashes. All of my other Docker containers were already on Host or Bridge. I realize that a week isn't a long time, but prior to this change I had 3 KP in the span of a week so this change appears to have made a significant improvement and may point to the root cause of the issue. I'll report back again in another week good or bad. UPDATE: url_redirect.cgi.bmp I spoke too soon. Just had a KP. Here is a screen shot. I know it's not the same as a log, but it is all that I have.
  4. Count me as another who is now experiencing hard crashes on my server and based on my reading here i suspect it is my Dockers on br0 creating problems. I've been running UnRaid for a long time (more than 15 years??) and can't recall ever having had a server crash. However since upgrading to 6.9.1 I've had 3 hard crashes in matter of week that require forcibly powering-off. Prior to upgrading to 6.9..1 I was running 6.8.2 using Dockers and br0 with static IPs without any issue but now this bug seems to have gotten me as well. Today I've moved all of my dockers to Bridge and Host where appropriate and will see if this resolves my crashing issues. I'll report back here either way.
  5. SOLVED: The issue is not related to the Docker Template or UnRaid but is unique to OpenHAB. I have a high core count server(32 cores) and Jetty chokes. The solution is to either pin the docker to no more than 4 cores or update the OpenHAB conf/services/runtime.cfg as follows. For future reference: in Openhab 3.0 org.eclipse.smarthome.webclient has changed to org.openhab.webclient. So it becomes: org.eclipse.smarthome.webclient:minThreadsShared=20 org.eclipse.smarthome.webclient:maxThreadsShared=40 org.eclipse.smarthome.webclient:minThreadsCustom=15 org.eclipse.smarthome.webclient:maxThreadsCustom=40 After making these changes OH3 runs without apparent issue. _______________ I've been running OpenHAB 2.5.x for almost 2 years now using the Docker template without much problem. I have also spun up another Docker to evaluate OpenHAB 3.0 and it runs pretty well overall, but I have 1 major problem with OH 3.0 that I do not have OH2.5x, I am unable to connected to OH3.0 from the myopenhab.org website. I can push Notifications from the site but I cannot access my local OH3.0 WebUI from home.myopenhab.org. For 2.5.x I have no issue. Every time I try to access OH3 this way I get an error openHAB connection error: HttpClient@4016d1a5{FAILED} is stopped Any ideas how to fix this? is this a permissions issue or some incompatibility with UnRaid Docker (my suspicion). I am running UnRaid 6.8.2 and have tried 6.8.3 and 6.9.rc2 but it makes no difference. I have also removed and recreated the docker image and docker containers, without a better result. If I switch over to OH2 I immediately am able to access the local OH2 WebUI. I also tried installing OH3 on a MacOS VM hosted on UnRaid using br0 just like my dockers and that worked like a charm without issue, so I know OH3 can run on UnRaid network setup. If it was only UI access I wouldn't be too concerned, but any traffic such as OWNTracks that uses the home.myopenhab.org interface is not able to communicate with my OH3 installation and therefore I have no way to update Presence detection that involves the GPS Tracker/OWNTracks. Any ideas as what might be the problem or what to try next? Any arguments I should be using during the install?
  6. Just updated my unRaid from the Original Intel MB D865GLCLK and Celeron, which were still working fine BTW after 6+ yrs. I was toying with adding another 4 port Promise SATAII and increasing the RAM to 2GB from the 512MB I was using, but for a very few bucks more I got much more expandability and better performance. New MB is a Foxconn G41MXE and Celeron E 3400 dual core. 4GB DDR3 Ram 8 2GB SATA + 1 Hot Swap HDD on 2 Promise PCI SATAII cards + MB SATA connectors. Working fine so far. LAN recognized no issue. This MB has 2 PCI 1 PCIE 1x and 1 PCIE 16x. 4 SATAII connectors on the MB. Lot's of potential expansion for pretty low investment. Won't set any speed record, but that's not why/how I use unRaid. Using unRaid 4.7 This is just FYI since my searches turned up nothing regarding unRaid compatibility for this board. UPDATE 4/15/2012: this weekend a I received a Highpoint RocketRaid 2300 pcie x1 I purchased on ebay. I have been unable to get the G41MXE to acknowledge the presence of the card. This has nothing to do with UnRaid as the card should post on boot prior to loading the OS and it doesn't. I have Asus P5WDH I use for multi OS and video encoding that I was able to get the RR2300 recognized, and was able to flash the bios to latest build dl from HighPoint (V2.5). Still no go with G41MXE. I tried a number of settings and combinations in both RR2300 bios as well as the G41MXE without any luck. At this point I would say that the RR2300 and G41MXE are incompatible.
  7. I agree that restoring a few files from within TimeMachine is not a problem. I able to do that, no issue. What I am curious to know has anyone tried accessing their Time Capsule from the Install DVD and/or restoring an entire volume.
  8. I'm trying to do a restore from the DVD, to restore the entire Volume. I have tried Guest w/o a pw and no luck. I don't know if I did something wrong when I setup or this is a bug, but either way it's not good. Also, I have installed the patch/update for 10.7.3. Just curious if anyone has had any success in accessing their Unraid TimeCapsule for a full restore from their DVD/ Intall Disk. Might help narrow this down to a system issue ( my probelm) or a software problem ( our problem). A backup won't do us any good if we can't retreive it.
  9. I'm having trouble doing a complete restore. It keeps asking for a password for the UnRaid server. In my case /Tower. I am not using password protection on my UnRaid or the Time Capsule(Guest). Any ideas on what I may be missing?