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  1. I will add the GUI/scripts do not present the bond0/eth0 custom option it seems under some circumstances...for me, it was due to the presence of my custom ipvlan network. That is expected behavior, but upon deleteion of the custom network, they should show with all the network/docker settings set appropriately. They however do not. I'm investigating...
  2. I reverted my custom ipvlan network back to macvlan and adjusted each container appropriately...I wish the UI would *always* remember the IP address that I end up typing in over and over when I change the network types... I'll be watching this to see what the conflict is with ipvlan. I have an idea what it is but I didn't dig too deep. Kev.
  3. Is there a kill the slim session and revert back to the command prompt?
  4. Yea - I can do the disk <-> disk level transfer, but then I have to see which disk will accommodate the transfer. Not a big deal, but likely my out. I really try to keep my work under /mnt/user and let the system do the allocations, but in this edge case, of course not. Kev.
  5. TY for this - I somehow glossed over that part of the docs - despite using the sysytem for years 🙂 I will rethink how that particular pool drive is set and whether I disassociate it via UD or make it loosely attached to the array. I only really brought it in as a pool drive as it is BTRFS and I like the nifty GUI tools that support the file system. Kev.
  6. As I thought with mover - good to confirm. I can't actually manually move the files onto the array as the system fuses the newly created TV share as part of the physical array share. And I don't want the mover to move them. It would seem that my only escape is to make the Storage device an unassigned one to detach it from any attemps to meld shares... Kev.
  7. Hi all. Let's see if we can make this clear. 1) I have three pools. My 'storage' pool is my scratch disk where I do many intermediate things with files. It used to be set up under unassigned devices but for future data protection, it is pooled now in case I want the system to move its contents onto the array. 2) Within 'storage', I have a 'Downloads' folder, and many folders in that. In this case, I am focused on '@Converted'. It is where my manual transcoding of video files end up rather than overwriting originals. 3) Any files in @Converted that I choose to move onto the array via Midnight Commander (via SSH shell...) from '/mnt/user/Downloads/@Converted' (the contents of 'Storage' of course get exposed as shares) to '/mnt/user/TV/xxx' (my intended destination) end up as a new share on 'Storage' rather than on the array (or very least, the cache) 4) This is unexpected behavior since the TV share is set to 'cache' pool. I would expect the copy to /mnt/user/TV from 'Storage' to arrive at 'cache' for mover transfer later. Should I be expecting that all pool devices just maintain a 1:1 relationship with the array according to any share's particular pool settings? Will the mover move, according to these settings (it should) data to/from the array into the relevant pools as needed? Maybe I am just stuck on old thinking that the cache pool itself was special and now we have just broadened it all out. Kev.
  8. No knock to tar or the plug-in, but with my archive approaching extremely large sizes, the streaming storage method of tar makes for very long access to its internals via MC and the the like. I've ended up moving my backups to restic. While the initial backup (with new built in compression!) took about 14 hours, subsequent backups now take minutes. I can also now opt to run backup scrips to segment backups, so I perform a Plex /appdata backup separately from all the other /appdata contents (which run an hour later). Restic (and Borg) are pretty awesome and perhaps I will fork the existing plug-in to use restic if all parties are good with it. Kev.
  9. Hi All. I've noticed that my backups since updating Unraid have almost doubled in time to make. While I diagnose, I am just throwing this out there in case something external has changed that I am not aware of. Has anyone else seen this behavior? I'll do some manual 'tar' stuff to further see what is up... TY. Kev.
  10. I have never had an error post-fix. It is entirely possible that Seagate is making changes to the firmware hence these variances we are seeing...? Kev.
  11. I apologize if this has been cited, but more often than not it is necessary to completely power down and ensure the drives have zero power then start up. Just like updating your motherboard BIOS. Other than that, AFAIK the issue is only with the mentioned models. The fix has held for me since day one of application. Kev.
  12. Roger that. I'm considering moving my dockers to their own IPs across the board rather than all bridged to the UnRaid IP and ports. It should be as simple as moving each to br0 then manually specifying an IP that is not taken anywhere else in my lan. This works for Plex which I have moved. For those dockers that like inter-docker chatter like Sonarr, I cannot get it to see any of its targets like qBittorrent, Jackett, etc., even if they are on the same br0 and their own IPs (and Sonarr correctly set to point to the new dedicated IPs). I have docker set to allow 'host access to custom networks' just in case. Of note is these targets are dockers with internal VPNs which is blocking things I suspect. What is magical about the bridge mode by default in docker (which works) against a custom ip and the br0? Do I need to make another custom bridge (br1) in my subnet and have all the dockers ride that? Docker settings show the subnet as and my correct gateway for my lan ( on my 192.168.1.x). Ensure the routing table reflects br1 on the 192.168.1.x? This seems like an adventure. Kev.
  13. Has this been fixed? I have the same issue as I move dockers to their own IPs. Legacy forwards still show. I've moved Sonarr to port 80 internally but cannot purge this display. Note that a 'docker ps' shows it clear as it should. Kev.
  14. It may - or it may not. Depends on firmware specific to each model. The good thing is the SeaChest modifications are applicable and should be able to handle any quirks. Kev.
  15. The full tweak allows spin downs gracefully so you give up nothing. Might even save a watt or two :-). Kev.