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  1. Running into this issue now. Seems profile images are not working? When I try to change my avatar image I see this in the Misskey logs.
  2. Disregard, Woooo!!! I got it working! It appears I needed to run the following command: GRANT ALL ON SCHEMA public TO EXAMPLE_USER; Thank you glad it's working now!
  3. Hello @B4rny I am trying my best to setup your Misskey docker container. I've walked through the documentation in the description but I am receiving the following error. I have a Redis container and a Postgres15 container running. I've created a database in postgres and have updated the default.xml to match. I feel like I am missing something but not sure what it could be. Any help will be greatly appreciated. --------------------------------------------- EDIT: Well I am an idiot. I did in fact have it as .xml instead of .yml. I fixed that and now I have this error. Should I just start all over? I feel like I am close!
  4. Hey @ich777 I hope this is the right place to ask for a game server docker container. I was wondering if you could hook me up with a 'Hidden: Source' Docker. It's a cool mod for Half-Life 2, and I know there's a similar game mode for Gmod, but I really want to play the original version. I'm thinking (but I could be wrong) that it might be pretty simple to set up since you already have an HL2 Deathmatch docker. Maybe it's just a matter of changing the game mode? As long as the server files are there, it should work, right? You can find the server files over here: If it's not doable, no worries! I'm just curious because it would be awesome to spin up this mod in a docker instead of running it on a virtual machine. Thanks!
  5. I had a spare 1TB, older Samsung SSD laying around. Deleted the gmod container and started over. The container seems to auto / default to /mnt/cache/appdata/garrysmod so I kept it at that and didn't change anything else. Using a cache drive seems to make it work now
  6. I changed the ports because I was troubleshooting / installing multiple of your valve game server containers to see if they were also working and didn't want anything to interfere is why I had to change the port. The port range was an oversight on my end sorry about that. I just deleted the container, deleted the folder for garrysmod, and pulled a fresh copy from CA apps. Starting all over, changing nothing. The segment fault went away but still can't see or join the server within gmod. Honestly I am struggling to wrap my head around why it's not working. I feel like it makes no sense? I am starting to think it's just something on my hardware or something I am not seeing.
  7. Ah I see, no worries. DoDs is using port: 27025 CSS is using the default port: 27015 Garry's Mod is set to use port: 27035 All of these ports are open through my router / firewall. Currently I am running into this issue though now when I try to start the gmod container.
  8. Correct, no cache drive. Garry's Mod is on Disk1 (the template just defaults it to disk1 so I just kept it on that) I don't think I have anything that moves my data on my Array. I am using syncthing to sync folders from a seedbox for movies, etc to my unraid server. Before you replied I decided to play around with pointing gmod (and your other game containers to different disks) thinking that maybe one of my disks in my array was failing and maybe that was causing the issue? I again started all over with 3 of your game server containers. Day of Defeat: Source, Counter Strike: Source, and Garry's Mod. I pointed their server files to: /serverdata/serverfiles <--> /mnt/disk5/appdata/dods /serverdata/serverfiles <--> /mnt/disk5/appdata/cstrikesource /serverdata/serverfiles <--> /mnt/disk5/appdata/garrysmod dods and css work on disk5, garry's mod does not. garrys mod doesn't work no matter which disk it is on. One thing I noticed was in the logs for the servers that do work, they seem to spit out more stuff at the end (past the "start server" part) when they load up. See screen shot below. This could easily be a coincidence / has nothing to do with my issue but I just wanted to point it out. Thought it was interesting. Every game server I try of yours that does this seems to work fine. Again, could be nothing but it's a pattern I am seeing.
  9. That is crazy. Not sure why it's not working for me. I decided to install a different Gmod server docker container from the DockerHub within the community apps and theirs works but not yours. Maybe it's some sort of compatibility issue on my end? I am not sure. I wish I could use yours though, oh well, Thank you for your time and quick responses. Keep up the great work. EDIT: wait, now I am getting an error I've never seen before on yours. Segmentation fault.
  10. Thank you I am very interested to hear if you'll experience a similar issue. I hope I am not going crazy haha. And yes I have, when I try to add it via the Favorites it shows 0/0 slots with a 2000 ping latency which I guess indicates the server can't be reached? It basically does the same thing when I try to connect via the in game console. Fails after 5 tries..
  11. Roger that, I have removed that. I have not tried that specifically but I have tried connecting via the console within Garry's Mod by executing the 'connect IP:Port' command. It never connects, times out after 5 tries. Roger that, I have updated and now I am on 6.11.1. After updating I wanted to start fresh with the Garry's Mod Container. I deleted the container and folder in appdata and reinstalled it again. Log looks the same and I still can't join or see the server within Garry's Mod.
  12. Hello @ich777 I am struggling with the Gmod Docker container. I installed it will the default settings (Only thing I changed was added 'true' for validating the game files) The server appears to download / startup and I don't see any errors but for some odd reason I am unable to join the server via the game. I don't even see the server at all not even in the 'Lan' tab within Gmod. I have port forwarded correctly, I know this because I am running your other Docker container for the game 'Day of Defeat: Source' and my friends and I are able to see the server in that game and join it like you normally would. Maybe I am missing something and would love some help. My Unraid version: 6.10.3 I am not using a cache drive. Below is a screenshot of the log once it stops. Please let me know if there is any other information you need from me? I'd love to get this working so I can have all my game servers in one place via my Unraid server.
  13. Thank you very much! All is working now!
  14. No worries, I tried deleting the container, starting over, changing none of the settings and I still receive the same error. I am little new to Unraid and I am a bit confused with the message that pops up when installling regarding that it uses a custom network. I've used / created custom networks before but this container defaults to "none" which I've never really seen before. Could you explain that a bit? Maybe that is what I am doing wrong.
  15. I've been looking for somthing like this for a while! I am currently having an issue though getting it to work on my Unraid server via the Docker image. I'd like to change the port from 80 to somthing else. It appears the default port can't be changed? Below is a screenshot of the error I am receiving when I spin up the container. I also get this same error when I change nothing in the container settings. Let me know if you need more info.