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  1. 21 hours ago, Atoz said:

    I have just migrated from truenas Core to Unraid, enjoying the platform thus far;

    i have completed my ZFS Setup on unraid via Space Invaders one - 'setting up a native ZFS pool on unraid - youtube guide' (method one via terminal without installing truenas as a vm) - 



    I have followed his steps verbatim, and i can confirm my zfs companion confirms my zfs pool is healthy and online. 



    USB: Boot drive

    Array Drive: 1 x 500gb SSD 

    ZFS drive(s): 6 x 4tb raidz1


    i can confirm i have access to the array drive within windows, & and i can read and write to the drive. 

    However, when i try to write any data to the ZFS folder (simlink directory that was added as per steps shown in the attached youtube video @ 31.50) windows advises : "you need permission to perform this action" 


    what steps are required so i can write data to my ZFS dataset within windows?

    i will be installing plex shortly. In Truenas Core, users had the option of allowing Jails to have read only access to the data within the ZFS, is this possible with unraid?


    Thanks in advance 


    Hey Atoz,


    I followed the same video too and had the same permissions issues you did on the shares of symlinks he recommends. Not sure if something changed in the plugins after @SpaceInvaderOne created his awesome tutorials. I solved it by changing the permissions of my ZFS top level mount to 775 vs 755 (it is now by default) through Unpaid terminal. This allowed it to get read & write permissions vs just read over SMB. Not 100% this is the right thing I should be doing to make it work, but it is a quick solution.


    There has to be a better way to share these pools though, as the other gotcha I came into is that the symlink (therefore ZFS storage pool) is limited by the size of the array drive space vs the actual size of the pool. ie 250GB vs 50TB