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  1. Thanks @saarg because I would need to set up a subdomain which is much more complex than using the build in Collabora (or Onlyoffice) app. I might be better off migrating to knex666 Nextcloud docker with full Onlyoffice integration based on Apache.
  2. Thanks @BRiT that is working great!!!
  3. Sorry to bother again....is it realistic waiting for a fix of the integrated Collabora App? Thanks a lot.
  4. Thanks a lot @saarg I just need one of these apps Collabora would be perfectly fine. I got the link from Collabora. AppImages does not run on Alpine which is the root cause that integrated Collabora app isn‘t running on Alpine Dockers....at least how I understood it.
  5. I would kindly ask for advise: I was never successful in having the Collabora or Onlyoffice Docker running with my Nextcloud install and having read @saarg post is not giving big hope. The Collabora support replied on my question that I am getting an error message by accessing the build-in Collabora app: linuxserver.io Nextcloud docker is based on Alpine which uses musl libc instead of glibc - and AppImages do not work with musl libc: https://github.com/AppImage/AppImageKit/issues/1015 I would like to stick to my linuxserver.io Nextcloud install that is running rock solid since years rather than using another Nextcloud container. Is there a small chance that the issues will be resolved from your linuxserver.io side? Really, that is a question, NOT a complaint. Thank you.
  6. A question to that command if I want to just "immutable" certain files. I was trying e.g.: find /mnt/disk2/Kino/*.m4v -type f -exec chattr +i "{}" \; That is working well except with sub-directories. I was trying to use the -R (recursively changes attributes of directories and their contents) flag but this is not working. HAs anyone tried this? Thanks a lot.
  7. Thanks a lot @ich777 Yes I indeed forwarded TCP and UDP and made the test. Results are attached, I do believe that this is looking fine? However, it takes ages, until someone is accepted to enter a TALK meeting. Did you made the same experience?
  8. Hi, great work on the STUN-TURN-Server. Just asking for confirmation if I understood correct that I haver to open port 5349 in my router? And then adding myownnetwork.com:5349 into the STUN & TURN settings of Nextcloud/Settings/Talk? Thanks a lot.
  9. @Menthalo I don't see that variable in my Docker settings. HAve you defined it yourself?
  10. Thanks @aptalca. I am using a FritzBox as router and was searching that what you suggested and added myurl.com into the DNS-Rebind-Protection exception field and reebooted my router. Still no luck. Question remains, why it the error is coming up now. The only change I made a couple of weeks ago is the file default. default
  11. Anyone else having an issue with the renewal of the certs? I am leaving the server switched on during the night and having looked at the "Troubleshooting Letsencrypt Image Port Mapping and Forwarding" guide and I can access my server via a cell phone as described in the troubleshooting guide. I haven't changed my router setting either (Ports 443 and 80 are forwarded since years...). Have no idea where to look next. letsencrypt.log
  12. With the new Nextcloud version 18 I was hoping to enable and use the internal Onlyoffice but with the LSIO docker it seems to be an issue. I am back using your docker @Jidovu Marius Adrian I again performed all steps and have the docker running but currently only by adding into the Onlyoffice server address. As soon as I am trying to use https://myaddress.com/apps/onlyoffice I am getting this error: HealthcheckRequest on check error: Client error: `GET https://myaddress.com/apps/onlyoffice/healthcheck` resulted in a `401 Unauthorized` response: {"message":"Current user is not logged in"}
  13. That is done. /mnt/user/system/docker/appdata/onlyoffice/DocumentServer/data is existing (however it is empty) but I created the /mnt/user/system/docker/appdata/onlyoffice/DocumentServer/data/certs folder which contains: -rwxr-xr-x 1 110 114 424 Dec 9 12:04 dhparam.pem* -rwxr-xr-x 1 110 114 1298 Dec 9 12:03 onlyoffice.crt* -rwxr-xr-x 1 110 114 1078 Dec 9 12:02 onlyoffice.csr* -rwxr-xr-x 1 110 114 1679 Dec 9 12:01 onlyoffice.key* I changes the template towards: https://[IP]:[PORT:4432] which is now successfully showing the Welcome Screen. Other than that no success. I will patiently waiting 🙂 Thank you very much!!
  14. That doesn't work and I can't see any log messages. I have attached the setting of my container. is providing the welcome screen and the message, that onlyoffice is running is providing an error mesage - website not accessible http://server.com:8082/ is providing an error mesage - website not accessible https://server.com:4432/ is providing an error mesage - website not accessible