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  1. Where you moving to? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Since I installed Unraid 6.4.1 Unraid no longer shows up in plugins tab. Even when I check for upgrades it doesn’t show up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Good news my system that had a kernel Panic is now on 6.3.2 with no problems. Thank you. I am happy that it is good again. I will keep studying for future ideas. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Should this fix the kernel panic problem in 6.3.1?
  5. Hi sorry to bother but I am getting a kernel panic the moment the system starts. Before logging is even started. Had to Roll back to 6.2 to be able to use system. This is a Xeon server mother board system. I don't see how I can help fixing the session but if there's anything I can do like running test build on it buy all means contact me. Thornwood Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I like unmenu as a last ditch if nothing else works. Is it dead? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi my systems are both locked out and can't login.... what is the file in the flash that holds the username and password information. My systems are very customized and I don't feel like a fresh install. To many things to re create. Email settings and vpn and and and Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi at the time I was seeing different. I could log in to the page calc, run , log in again calc and restart. But the newest code fixed all my issues. Great job thank you very much!!
  9. Well i just started a run.... waited 30 seconds closed the window and all writing on the server stopped....... if i leave the window open writing doesn't stop..... ? i did a dry run an then you are correct nothing stops and docent forget but normal run for me is not acting that way. ok sorry so it looks like it is still running but the website can't tell so it allows you to run it again?? can the header be made to reflect if it is truly running? and lock out the start like a parity check? sorry for the trouble but i am guessing that i must have started it 3 times now on top of each other prior to knotting that it was running.
  10. By no good I can send screen shots if you are interested..... I installed the plugin yesterday and running on newest 6.
  11. If I start the plugin and leave the page it dies. I have to keep the page open. It only works on edge. Internet explorer is no good neither is Safari and I don't have Crome or fire fox. . I almost emptied a drive and by mistake closed the window and then went back and it remembers nothing..... Didn't see open.... Checked disk activities and no more writing..... Weird
  12. Is there any way to keep the script running even if the page is closed and re opened like a parity sync?
  13. I think the mass appeal is if we can make it simple straight forward and safe ( as posable) i will try that plug in and see if it will do what i need i am just concerned that i loose data because of a stupid mistake.
  14. Hi all With different formats and an needs it would be nice to be able to retarget the mover script to a drive in the array. This script would move out all files and folders just like the mover does today from a chosen origin. Giving us a simple way to clean off a drive without having to loose parity protection in the process or having a possibility of errors made by self on the writing from drive to drive (especially when someone like my self have deeply embedded folders making the task daunting.). Thank you Thornwood
  15. You are correct. I think cleaning once a month is enough even for the most used server. If this was a Mac server you could not delete them.... They don't use much memory and if they were hidden better on samba shares it might not be such a annoyance. My thoughts.