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  1. That worked a treat thank you. But now i have another issue ive set it up as per the video by SPO and when i open the gui i get the following pslash screen. nextcloud.log
  2. Hi all sorry if this has been asked before but i have decided to setup nextcloud and followed the guide on youtube done by spaceinvaderone. when i setup Mariadb look for the console i dont seem to have the option, any points guys,seen this before? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi trurl, When i click on the Stat setting icon and go to the page i get the following. Placement is greyed out and says header but there isnt anything on the header?
  4. Possibly a corrupt flash drive. Put it in your PC and let it checkdisk. Hi guys OK i can finally get back on to reply i did what was suggested and checked the USB drive no errors were detected, ive tried to install the plugin again and it installs but i just dont have the tab on the ribbon anymore. Am i just having a blond moment? Cheers Bob
  5. Hi Guys have an issue with System.stats, i have tried to install again but i get the following error any ideas whats going wrong? Warning: simplexml_load_file(): I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/boot/config/plugins/dynamix.system.stats.plg" in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.plugin.manager/scripts/plugin on line 193 plugin: xml parse error cheers Bob
  6. Hi aptalca, I have got Zoneminder up and running on my unraid with out a problem, i have 3 IPCC-B15N-w wireless IP CAMs and im trying to configure them. After changing the settings all i can get is a video window with the date and time and the rest is a blue screen. I have come to the following 2 conclusions, 1. i dont know what im doing and im configuring it in correctly or that the Camera isnt supported by Zoneminder. Thanks in advance Bob
  7. I have managed to get it to install but it wont start and gives the error "failed to create PID" i have done the re-boot and stopped everything else but it still wont start.?? I managed capture the error at the bottom of the screen "Stopping Sonarr... Stop OK: Already stopped Starting Sonarr... Start failed: No PID created"
  8. HI All Im just upgrading after a longwait and deciding what to do, i have tried to install Sonarr and get the following error. "2015-12-12 10:40:19 [ERROR] Install failed: Install file missing " i have deleted removed and restarted the server but i still cannot get the plugin to install. cheers
  9. HI Phaze I managed to get up and running again in a sort of fashion, im now running Installed Version: of Plex but its a little flaky. I have a lot of stops and starts during play back and it goes back to the loading screen, sometimes it will just sit there waiting. I also lost Sonnar but have since recovered that, as i said something funky happened when i updated the plex client. running unraid 5.0.5 with dynamix as per your email. regards Bob
  10. @Switchman Thanks the plugin is back up and running took ages to get to this stage but i cant browse to the GUI i get page unavailable. forgot to add then when i refresh the page the plugin ha stopped
  11. Yes version 5 unraid with dynamix, is there an old version i could reload? two images below detail what i have first one is when i open plex form the setting page the second is if i then click in the plex tag in the top left.
  12. Its just not running what i get when i open setting is a blank screen just with PLex in the top right, when i click on it it goes to the image that i previously attached. The blue box in the centre is animated like its loading something. its like its load but i cant do anything with it. r Bob
  13. Hi Guys I have a PhAze Plex plugin issue any ideas whats not going on i have attached a screen shot i hope cheers
  14. For me it's like once a week or two that it happens. For me it can be every 5 to 10 minutes, thats only because im manually updating at the moment i see it.
  15. Phaze Media server 5.0.5 Its runs sometime but it seems something that turns it off. Been running with this all day and it still turns of at random times