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  1. Well I switched to Proxmox in the meantime. Using another docker container that you UnRaid Guys could use of course too. Here is my docker-compose.yml I am using an DVB-T stick connected to usb: services: fr24feed: container_name: fr24feed restart: always devices: - /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb ports: - 8754:8754 image: liggy1/fr24feed command: --fr24key=abcdefgh1234566 It can be that simple. Works like a charm
  2. Got the same thing happen to my container like 1 or 2 times per month. Was to lazy (until now, see below) to get a workaround for that could be a shell script that once per day scrambles the docker log of the container and if the word terminated is found it restarts the container. Until now (if thats enough for your problem solving): I've setup an offline notification (within flightradar24.com click on "My datasharing" and "Show statistics" where you can find a little switch to turn on "OFFLINE EMAIL". At least this way I get noticed that my fr24feed needs a restart. Here is my shell script: #!/bin/bash # Define the name of your Docker container CONTAINER_NAME="FR24FEED" # Run the 'docker logs' command to fetch the container's logs LOGS=$(docker logs "$CONTAINER_NAME" 2>&1) # Define the regex pattern to search for SEARCH_PATTERN="terminated" # Use grep to search for the pattern in the logs if [[ $LOGS =~ $SEARCH_PATTERN ]]; then echo "The word 'terminated' was found in the logs." # Restart the Docker container echo "Restarting the container..." docker restart "$CONTAINER_NAME" # You can also add additional actions or notifications here if needed else echo "The word 'terminated' was not found in the logs." fi Don't forget to make it executable: chmod +x yourscript.sh That could be run nightly with cronjob (crontab -e) or more modern with systemd timers.
  3. I mean well my unraid server is running well. But in the past there were updates every few days/weeks. Now over 4 months no updates. Is the project still alive?
  4. Changing the Network Model from virtio-net to virtio helped. Now I can Access the VM. Sometimes. Like 50% of the time it still won't serve the Webinterface but Always reacting to pings
  5. Is there anything wrong with my routing table?
  6. Logs are empty. Today I installed a proxmox instance within a VM. Again, I can ping it but cannot reach from my LAN computer. Can also not reach from another VM. And - again - I can reach the web interface from a firefox running in a docker container and I can reach the interface when using unraid console. What am I missing here? Some weirdo routing/firewall stuff?
  7. I try to access it via (which should work?) Pinging the machine works from every pc/vm/container Accessing the Service from a PC in my LAN => does NOT work Accessing the Service from a VM running on the same server as homeassistant-vm is running on => does NOT work Accessing it from a firefox docker container on the same server as homeassistant-vm is running on => DOES work Same results whatever browser I use. Screenshots of network settings: Diagnostics zip attached. Thanks for your help hackup-diagnostics-20230207-1117.zip
  8. I installed a home assistant VM according to this tutorial. VM starts and upon finished booting process I see this: However, I cannot access (but ping works) from my LAN computers. BUT i can access the VMs webservice (home assistant web interface) from my unraid server itself. Is there anything I need to configure within unraid so I can reach the service from my LAN computers?
  9. Pinging domain names only as only with domains I have the problem. First command takes exactly 5 seconds until name resolving takes place and it starts to ping. Second command starts instantly. VMs get IP from same Subnet with same DNS Server provided (namely IP of Router In the VMs i also can set for example. same result. From within any VM it resolves instantly
  10. Doesn't solve the 5-6 seconds delay to start a ping problem. DNS settings are to use my router ( as DNS server. Switchting to oder does not change anything. Ironically all my VMs running on that machine work perfectly fine. Only unraid itself has this massive delay in DNS resolution. Whats going on here. Stopping avahi no help. Removing /etc/resolv.conf and removing /boot/config/network.cfg, rebooting, resetting network. All of that no help. telnet 53 works perfectly as it should. Pings (when they start after that 5-6 seconds delay) run at 5-7ms to google. Perfect. Bandwith test: 980mbit download, 510mbit upload (fiber ftth germany) works great. Having this problem for several weeks now. Anyone has an idea what to try next?
  11. I will give that a try this evening. Keep you updated.
  12. So I am Not the only one. Glad to hear. Just Open a Shell and ping Google.com takes 5-6 Seconds to start the pinging. The Pings themselve are low as expected. Bandwith down 1000mbit from Internet. Perfect. Just the Name Resolution...
  13. If I do a Ping Google.com on my other Machines and even in the Windows VM on unraid the Name resolving is instantly. Doing it from unraid console Takes 5-6 Seconds on each Request. Any ideas?
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