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  1. I believe I only have LSIO images so never noticed this. Ugh.. this could make the fix messy.
  2. It's just two commands. One to download @ljm42's shell script and another to run it. So really your're trusting @ljm42here 🙂
  3. You should never paste random code from the Internet into your computer without understanding what it does... but that aside, if you open up a terminal and paste in the following line: wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ljm42/74800562e59639f0fe1b8d9c317e07ab/raw/387caba4ddd08b78868ba5b0542068202057ee90/fix_docker_client -O /tmp/dockfix.sh; sh /tmp/dockfix.sh Then the fix should be applied until you reboot.
  4. Just found the email with my original key - Apr 26, 2010! Been running the same Atom D510 motherboard from then... until today! I literally just fired up a dual CPU Xeon processor in a Supermicro 24-bay chassis because I want to start running Docker / VMs to consolidate other servers in my house. Looking forward to a new era of rock solid stability.
  5. I've been running a Atom based system since April 2010 and I think it's time for an upgrade... I'm planning to start with the chassis, and want a 24 bay removable drive system as the cheap Roswell case I currently have is a pain to work with. I've been doing some reading and think something like this CSE-846E1-R900B would work but I'd need to swap out the backplane to a BPN-SAS2-846EL1. Can anyone confirm?
  6. 6.6.2 has had no crashes for me in the 3 days 14.5 hours since I updated to it.
  7. Upgraded and will post diagnostics if I get another crash.
  8. I'm running 6.5.0 and noticed the console reports 6.4.0:
  9. OK, I VPN'd in and it's still up almost 8 days later. Thanks.
  10. Only an idiot would patch to a RC build 10 minutes before leaving to the airport for a two week vacation. So that's what I just did.
  11. I'm heading out for a couple of weeks, so won't be able to do any diagnostics, but I have the same problem since moving to 6.4.0. Logs attached to my post HERE ..
  12. After many years of rock solid stability, my Unraid install has started crashing every 5 days with this error. Any ideas on figuring out what's using all my memory? I have 4GB of RAM, no Docker usage but the cache directories plugin running. Diagnostics attached. nas-diagnostics-20180220-0627.zip