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  1. Hi together, I had to replace my cache disk due to a disk error. I followed these instructions exactly. https://wiki.unraid.net/Replace_A_Cache_Drive Everything worked fine, but now all my docker containers are gone. how can i restore all of my dockers now? i use unraid 6.9 Solution: i forgot to copy the old docker.img
  2. what would the best backup strategy look like for the next hard drive to switch to XFS? If I remember correctly, did unraid always use the old filesystem when changing the hard drive? So when I switched from a 4 GB to an 8 GB, it was so far that I expanded the 4 GB, installed the 8GB and assigned it to the hard disk slot, after which unraid restored the data and everything was running. What should I do here? After restoring, do I have to back up all data manually, then reformat the new hard drive with XFS and then manually copy the data back up?
  3. Thanks for the help to everyone. it really took 2-3 hours until all disks were mounted. Then I copied down all the data of the 8tb and then formatted it in xfs. So far everything is running smoothly again. I hope it stays like this.
  4. may not belong here but now something is completely broken. I tried to move my data from the new hard disk (disk11) to an older disk (disk9) where there was still space. i did it in the console with the mv command. That worked well with the first files. Then at some point the mv command got stuck as if nothing ever happened. Since the whole server stopped responding, not even to a reboot command, I switched the server off and on again. Then the server started up again, but the old hard drive (disk9) where the files were copied to can no longer be mounted. The server is stuck when mounting this hard drive. Is there anything that i could do ?
  5. ok thanks, i always had the assumption that all disks must have the same filesystem. But I have now read that a mixed operation is possible, but you can still leave the old disks in reiserfs. Will now empty this disk and format it again with xfs, let's see if it gets better.
  6. @johnnie.black the diagnostic is in this thread You have already answered me in the thread, but unfortunately it was not apparent from it that there is a problem with the file system. So what would be the best course of action now? I did a reiserfs check yesterday that told me to do a new check with the --rebuild-tree option. I did that, he also found and corrected a mistake. Now I feel a little insecure with this disc but as I said the smartcheck says that everything is ok. But i does not want to buy a new disc senseless, it also costs 180 euros. Thanks
  7. Hi, does any of you have the combination of lsi 9240-8i with 8TB HDD? As described in another thread, I had problems that a new hard drive always showed errors. Yesterday I noticed that the disk is in read only mode. Maybe the disc is really broken, but the smartcheck says everything is ok. So my question is whether the error may come from the controller? Is the first 8 TB hard drive I have on the controller. Thanks
  8. ok but then I have no choice but to wait, because without a faulty smart test I will not be able to claim a guarantee
  9. Here is the diagnostic file. Thanks server-diagnostics-20200315-1652.zip
  10. Hi, I have a problem with a new disc after almost 4 weeks I always get warnings when I log on to unraid that something is wrong with the disc. These are the messages under Attributes 187 Reported uncorrect 0x0032 098 098 000 Old age Always Never 2 197 Current pending sector 0x0012 100 100 000 Old age Always Never 8 198 Offline uncorrectable 0x0010 100 100 000 Old age Offline Never 8 A smart extended self test gives me completed without error. Can I do something here? Or prefer to exchange? I still have a guarantee but without an error message the dealer won't take it back? Thanks
  11. Hi, i´m using default container settings. The only folder i mapped is the output directory to a part of the cache disk. in the last week it runs ok.
  12. Thanks for your answer. I am absolutely not a Linux expert and I will watch it. The night before last all my Docker containers crashed and I was only able to restart them after a reboot. If jdownloader uses the free RAM that would not be tragic, but what about chache_dirs, which always uses a lot of RAM. I would like to be able to tell the individual dockers how much RAM they can use and then only act in this area
  13. Hi there, I have installed the jdownloader and have the problem that as soon as I download something with it, my RAM is full within 5 minutes. I have 12 GB RAM in my server and before I start the download there are almost 10 GB free and after 5 minutes everything is full. I set the extra parameter --memory = 2G for the docker, but it doesn't seem to do anything After the download, the memory remains full and will not be released again. Does anyone have a tip
  14. It works but i have the same "problem" as mbc0, if i call it /embystat it works, but the path /mnt/user/appdata/embystat is clear. Where did embystat save the database file ? Where and how could i check this ?
  15. Hi, could anyone help me with installing this docker ? https://hub.docker.com/r/uping/embystat/ I dont have manual installed a docker before Thanks
  16. from stats/system-stats As i look at 8 pm then i only see that all free ram was gone. Now over night i see that there ist more and more free ram again.
  17. Hi, the whole day all was fine, but at 7:50 pm from one moment to an other the ram was full, from 7:40 pm to 7:50 pm the free ram goes from 8 GB free to 600 MB free. Here is a new diagnostic file. Could that help to find the problem ? I set the following RAM for my dockers emby 3GB duckdns 1GB letsencrypt 1GB mariadb for nextcloud 1GB nextcloud 1GB cache dir 2GB server-diagnostics-20181128-2147.zip
  18. Thanks for all your answers, @Constructor as i take the diagnosic, the server starts fresh bevor. @Squid i will try to give every docker a RAM limit. But where i must set the --memory=4G ? Did you have a recommendation what ram this docker need emby duckdns letsencrypt mariadb for nextcloud nextcloud Thanks
  19. run -d --name='EmbyServer' --net='bridge' --privileged=true -e TZ="Europe/Berlin" -e HOST_OS="unRAID" -e 'APP_UID'='99' -e 'APP_GID'='100' -p '8096:8096/tcp' -v '/mnt/user/server/':'/mnt':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/EmbyServer':'/config':'rw' 'emby/embyserver' server-diagnostics-20181127-1743.zip
  20. /mnt/user/appdata/EmbyServer for config /mnt/user/server/ for mnt