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  1. It gets the post back to the top, for visibility
  2. Does this include the MarinaDB Docker?
  3. Now thats a constructive reply!
  4. Does that include the MarinaDB Docker?
  5. does this defect afect the MariaDB Docker as well?
  6. What are the issues it is fixing? Yea i agree it should be in the release notes
  7. Why are there no posts about the 6.7.3RC releases? release notes are vauge to say the least
  8. Has anyone got the LOG function in the HomeBridgeGUI Docker working? also The Restart Button Shuts down the Container, instead of restarting it
  9. my server has 3 built in eth interfaces, 1 for ipmi, and 2 for lan, im trying to seperate eth0 and eth1. i want to put all dockers and vms on eth1. i have eth0 on with bonding and bridging disabled, and eth1 on with bonding disabled and bridging enabled. how do i force docker to use eth1? for vm's i changed network bridge from virbr0 to br1 is that correct?
  10. im also waiting for this to be fixed properly! never worked for me
  11. nest is converting to google single signon crap....api is changing, plugin most likely needs updating
  12. Updated, works! Sent from my iPhone Xs Max using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Updated, works! Sent from my iPhone Xs Max using Tapatalk Pro
  14. you need to force build the HomeBridge Dockers so they build with the new base image