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  1. Why not ask in the makemkv forum where the key is released? Or better yet buy one!! the creator of this docker has no control over when a new key is posted! a little google search would of answered your question
  2. the first paragraph to spot on! the second i partial, i think sharing the same min/max fan speeds would be fine yes, but averaging both sensors at the same time is gonna spin fans faster anyway. so i think HDD sensor should be active only when fans are spun up and CPU sensor should only be active when HDD's are spun down. but seperate threshold for HDD's and CPU's is a MUST.
  3. no, i mean when cpu temp sensor is selected for hdd spundown, have seperate/additional values for high and low CPU temp thresholds. right now when my hdds spindown my fans actually spin up. my HDD's idle @ 31c and my CPU's idle @ 38c FAN123456(13%):HDD Temp(88F) FAN123456(23%):HDD Spundown using Temp(100F)
  4. @SimonF Did you ever look into adding seperate hi and low temps for when cpu is used when hdd's are spun down?
  5. I agree documentation is horrendous. Yes install system temp, click detect then save then load if not already loaded, the in autofan click detect
  6. Set min fan speed to 10 instead of 1.5
  7. I changed from to and the issue is resolved, not sure what is wrong with cloudfare, been using it for years
  8. loading the plugin page takes a long time, then checking takes a while, the some plugins say not available. server-diagnostics-20240321-1036.zip
  9. Google my friend, google
  10. First step would be to try them from the command line to see if they actually work!
  11. a little googling forund this: For fan settings we have below information: Below IPMI command format for fan control. Set Fan Control 0x3c 0x16 Byte1: 0x02 Byte2: FAN_NO Byte3: Duty1 Byte4: Duty2 Byte5: Duty3 Byte6: Temp1 Byte7: Temp2 Byte8: Temp3 Get Fan Control 0x3c 0x16 Byte1: 0x03 Byte2: FAN_NO Ex. Get fan 1 status $ Ipmitool -I lanplus -H -U admin -P admin raw 0x3c 0x16 0x03 0x01 – 01 0a 32 64 14 50 5f Ex. Set fan 1 $ipmitool -I lanplus -H 192.168,50.43 -U admin -P admin raw 0x3c 0x16 0x02 0x01 0x14 0x32 0x64 0x14 0x50 0x5f - 01 14 32 64 14 50 5f
  12. You have the wrong fan selected
  13. Should of made sure the board you were gonna use was supported first!
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