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  1. i opened the issue for you and referenced you here
  2. open a issue on the github page. i had the same issue a wihle back, deleting everything and starting over fixed it for me, but i only have 1 config file, i use a fan hub and connect to 1 fan header
  3. I would set plugin to default, delete all configs and start over
  4. so you have dynamix.system.autofan.cfg disabled then dynamix.system.autofan-1.cfg or something like that? delete the ones you don't use and rename the first used one to dynamix.system.autofan.cfg, and set service="1" iand the others to 1,2,3, etc. and reboot
  5. Make sure the main config file has service=“1”
  6. /flash/config/plugins/dynamix.system.autofan/dynamix.system.autofan.cfg here is the contents of mine: options="-c /sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon3/pwm4 -f /sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon3/fan4_input -l 150 -t 35 -T 45 -m 1" service="1" controller="/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon3/pwm4" fan="/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon3/fan4_input" pwm="150" low="35" high="45" interval="1" exclude=""
  7. Auto fan does start automatically on system boots if the config file is set to enabled. Mine starts every time unraid starts, check the plugin folder for auto fan make sure the config file is correct
  8. You need to run “sensors detect” from the command line to see what drivers you need to load
  9. I used to have a separate unraid NAS and gaming rig, i have recently consolidated to unraid with a gaming VM. It’s for sale FYI.
  10. The log will tell you what parameters to pass for your optical drive
  11. Just use a fan splitter hub to connect all your fans to the cpu fan header and set you fan curve in the bios
  12. It is for fan speed control based on hdd temps only
  13. All i did was install system temp plugin and fanspeed plugin, ran sensors-detect from command line, it reported coretemp and nct6775 So i ran modprobe coretemp and modprobe nct6775. Been working ever since. Rebooted numerous times.
  14. run sensors-detect from command line, the run modprobe to add the sensors that are detected, then the fan speed plugin will see the headers