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  1. Don't think about it, they have already forgotten about it even though they have been teasing it since January 2023. What a joke.
  2. Is there no holiday surprise or some fun thing to get back to the community? *ehem* unraid 6.13 private beta(which they seem to forgot about ---announced way way back and no update until now) *ehem* *ehem*
  3. Hi! when is the earliest version we will be able to raid0 xfs on pool devices? Thanks!
  4. I think it will be introduced in 6.13 which they said will be Sooner™
  5. anybody got it to work with tdarr hevc with thor kernel?
  6. thor already released a new kernel with intel arc drivers built in
  7. Any rumors on the street if/when Soon™️ 6.13 Series might be released? Soon™?
  8. in this release is it possible to start pool without a device on main array?
  9. Yes it has all the server feature built in 10gb and rich pcie on a consumer motherboard, found the updated post and thanks for updating it, one question and im sorry for the dumb question how do i get my ideal bar size?, and will it work if i already unbinded the gpu to unraid?[using vfio-pcie] and i only have </devices> line, is that the same? UPDATE: Tried it and i think it is working but the driver is not yet available when i did what you instructed in device manager there is a new device called "NF I2C Slave Device" when i tried updating the driver both online and latest virtio the drivers seems not available yet so i think it is working the driver just isnt available yet.
  10. I see i will try your method later and will comeback for results. Yes it benefits greatly from rebar even in gaming, my mother board is x570 proart cpu is ryzen 5950x everything is already enabled in your instruction in bios level, because when i used proxmox i was able to utilize rebar, there are still some transcoding in the queue so i cant do it now i will comeback later with results. Thanks!
  11. Apologies for my lack of information i actually did not apply the patch for 6.12 because i might break some things and i am asking this thread for the go signal if it is safe. For the hardware: the gpu is intel arc a770 i am using if in VM for TDarr and ReBar increase its performance for around 10-30% in transcoding so it is nice to have, and as per the page 1 of the thread it is said that it should be coming in in 6.1 so i am wondering if there is just some codes i need to enable or type in the command line so the reply. Thanks for the quick reply!
  12. actually the stable is already released but unfortunately it is not natively supported(rebar)
  13. How to make this work with unraid 6.12? which natively has 6.1 kernel.
  14. Thank you Limetech for granting our wish of more than 30 device ❤️ now we can all have a PB unraid server ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ and why is nobody talking abount Linux Multi-Gen LRU? what does it do will it improve ram usage in our usecase? specifically xfs file caching to ram.
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