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  1. Yes, this was very recent and I had not really made any changes (besides I used this backup just to fix this docker problem, the main config was current and did not need to use it), also just in case I have the array set to NOT auto-start to verify :)
  2. Ok, I guess that was it and for some reason it wasn't copied or in my pre-format backup.... Found it on another backup from when I went 6.6.6 and copied that over and rebooted and now I can edit the app again (all settings/config appear) and update worked as well... so thanks! Now I'm wondering if I may have missed anything else... (Although I just have my shares and this Plex docker and that's all, at least for now)
  3. I think so, but I will double-check my backup to see if maybe I missed a file... 😕
  4. Followed what it says there to edit the app, but it all comes up blank for me (that's probably the real problem). Regarding the boot problem you mention, I solved it by re-formatting the flash drive (no quick) and installing a fresh unraid on it and then copying back my configs, key etc. Booted up just fine after that as expected.
  5. Attached! diagnostics-20190325-1417.zip
  6. This is what I got when trying to run as explained adding some name/description: Command:root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='Test' --net='bridge' -e TZ="America/Buenos_Aires" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" 'Test' /usr/bin/docker: invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase. See '/usr/bin/docker run --help'. The command failed.
  7. Maybe that was incorrect. I have this:
  8. I tried doing this today and it did not work. I has worked fine in the past but now I get this:
  9. Hi all, as I added some files to my server today, I wanted to update plex media to add these in. To my surprise, the "Web UI" option was not available from plex in the docker page. I noticed there was an "update ready" message, and though maybe it needed to update. I tried doing that but I get a message that reads: "Configuration not found. Was this container created using this plugin?" I came across this thread: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/38974-support-limetechs-docker-repository/?page=11 I tried doing what IO saw there, and deleted the docker.cfg and .img files, but when I went to rebuild from "previous apps", nothing was shown to choose... Luckily I had backed up the files so I just copied them back and rebooted and everything is still there, but I still have the initial problem of no Web UI option (I can though access if I go manually) and I cannot update, receiving the same message. What could be wrong? This was working fine and haven't changed anything. Thanks.
  10. Hmm ok, but my key is tied to my Flash drive ID.... (what I always hated about this...)
  11. Hello, I was running 6.6.6. just fine, and at some point my computer was shut down it seems (darned babies!). Anyway, when I turned it back on, I find it is not booting. The computer itself boots fine, I can get into the BIOS setup, etc., all my drives are seen, and the UnRAID USB flash drive is seen as well. Everything is selected correctly in the boot order, with USB-HDD being the first option, and my Sandisk Cruzer Fit being listed as the first one withing that group, just as it was before. Except it does not boot... After all POST checks and devices initialization etc. are done during POST, after the "Udating ESCD..." line, I get a "Boot Error..." and that's it I checked the USB drive on another computer and it does show up fine and I see all the contents, etc. Can somene help as to what may be wrong with my system?
  12. Hi all, I am moving for a while to a different country, and since my unRAID hardware is orett old anyway, I plan to just take my disks and flash and buy a new pc when I arrive at my destination. I know that rebuilding is straightforward, but since I’m not sure how long it will be until i actually get the new hardware, I wanted to know: what do I need to do/run if I want to connect one of the data disks to another computer to see and get files off it? Could I also do it with a SATA/USB adapter? Thanks!
  13. So stupid question.. while trying to get it to work, I added my entire “movies”share as 1 container. 1) I think I have some movies in different formats, yet they only appear once under all movies. Is there away around this, or would I have to recreate it properly per my own sub-divisions? 2) In case I remove a library folder, would it delete everything leaving it clean? (All artwork, metadata, etc?) 3) Would it be better to follow my share structure? (I have a share called “Movies”, and whithin it 4 folders: HD movies, SD movies, UHD movies and 3D movies) 4) Partly due to my experience with the movies I added, and also to be sure how it will turn out, how would it handle TV Shows? (I have a TV shows share, and within it one folder por each show, and within those one folder per season). Thanks!
  14. Thanks, I figured it out. I suspected that part, but I wasnt’t creating the container paths, and in the web gui there was nothing to add ?
  15. Hi Folks, can anyone point me to a tutorial or something on this? I installed it from the community apps, and I added a path where my movies are, not sure if I-m doing things right. The thing is once I install it and it is running, on my TV app "Plex Server" appears, and with the name I gave to it (Just standards, "Tower" for now), but I get three options in my app, Video, Music, and Photo, and my movies don't show up anywhere What step am I missing..? Thanks!