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  1. Interesting! Can you post the S.M.A.R.T values of the SSD?
  2. Thanks guys for responding.
  3. Thank you for the explanation! It's clear now.
  4. Out of interest.., if I have a protected array can I just add a drive and or swap drives to another slot without triggering a parity check?
  5. Okay nice! So till now it's working fine!!! I asked the developer if there is a logo for Autosub. So if you have some free time you maybe can add that.
  6. Anybody running BTRFS RAID 5?
  7. Not sure if this allowed in this thread but I want to say that are two cool features you guys added! Thank you. Looking forward when stable comes out.
  8. Hi, Thanks for helping me out! It seems that it's working. I''l give you update over 24 hours how it goes. Thank you again!!! btw. Did you named the docker on purpose Autotag because the app is named Autosub?
  9. Some good stuff to read before to go to sleep. Thanks Johnnie!!
  10. I have a ssd as cache drive at the moment but it's way to small. I'm thinking of to use spinners as my cache drive because they are cheaper. Of course I want speed is this possible with spinners. Is it possible to set 2 or 3 spinners in RAID 0? Are there other options?
  11. Not sure what you mean, but I think you mean the following. If I set the browser to full screen then it's working okay.
  12. Sorry for the delay. I'll use Autosub with Sonarr so it's for tv-shows. It uses Opensubtitles, Addic7ed, Subtitleseeker as source. What do you specifically want to know? Please let me know. Only a part is in Dutch. I translated it with Google translate.
  13. I have seen this behaviour with the Safari web browser. I think the screenshot say it all.
  14. It's reporting a 8. So it's dual link. Thank you Johnnie.
  15. Oh yeah sorry, I connected them to a expander backplane of my 24 bay server chassis.
  16. Yesterday I received 2 LSI 9207-8i HBA cards. I've bought them on Ebay for a nice price. My question I've connected them dual link. Are the cards automatically using dual link or do I have to set something?
  17. Noticed the change of the spinner when starting or stopping a container. Nice!
  18. Yes, true. I want a base distro so I can install Autosub on top.. Edit: I asked for a Docker app a year ago but no one replied.
  19. I tried to install Alpine in a Docker container via the Webgui but miserably failed. The reason of installing Alpine is I want to install Autosub on top to search for subtitles. This can be done via git clone. So my question how do I install Alpine in Docker?
  20. @kizer Thanks for the suggestion! A very safe one. Very useful.
  21. Yeah, I also so advice to test your drives. I bought a new drive and did not test it. So I copied data to drive and next morning when I checked BOOM 8 relocated sectors. I asked for RMA. Only what I lost was some time (luckily) I had to copy the data again.
  22. @jonp Yeah I understand. Out of interest what is the Webgui using? You guys don't use a framework like CodeIgniter. Is it HTML, JS, Node? I never checked the WebGui in developers mode. Don't get me wrong @Squid I appreciate the Community Application. Just some positive feedback. To be honest I'm a bit jealous of your program skills. unRAID 6.5.1 is still running fine! @limetech Thank you for the update. Edit: Just notice the arrows on the Docker Tab, right side. Is that the order of start up?
  23. The same spinning wheel is nice in every theme. Hint: The developer of Community Application should update his spinning wheel so it's same/consistent. Maybe it's a idea to make guidelines so every plugin has the same look and feeling as unRAID. Just a idea.